5G: Build it, but will they come?


Five g has got a little bit of a marketing problem. I went to church in september. Two thousand nineteen and i met a ton of professional streamers and as soon as i reveal that was from the telco world flooded with like what is five g. Go thank you say depending on who you ask five. G is either a revolution that's happening in telecommunication space. Or it's just a load of hot air warming skeptic the challenges that we have these finding the right use cases that are going to underpin the deployment of this technology. And when you ask a couple of chief technologists so in a nut show what is five g. and how work in a nutshell work so i think about transport into that's where today's episode begins. Because yes we've had my fines for years and we spend more time on them then but we don't often think about what's going on with the underlying technology. Most people think of telecommunications network as being like electricity you turn you on it connects to guardians and it just works. Well actually this whole bunch of complex component tree lips between your mobile phone and the internet

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