The first interplanetary helicopter is on its way to Mars

Innovation Now


When perseverance lands on mars. It will have a very special hitchhiker on board. Here's susan gordon from nasa's langley research center to tell us about the first rotorcraft to fly on another planet. That helicopter has to be self sufficient. It's independent other. Rovers mission rides up with the rover and then it will separate from the rover and once separated. It never goes back to the rover. This is a very small helicopter. It had to fit on the mars. Two thousand twenty rover it carries on board. Its own solar panels that can charge its batteries and it can keep it warm overnight. 'cause marcia nights get down to minus ninety degrees celsius nasa will send instructions from earth about what mission to fly to perseverance on mars. The rover will then communicate those instructions to the helicopter so on board at has enough computing power to understand the instructions and then to execute its mission named ingenuity. The helicopter is a technology demonstration. That could soon have a spying high at least thirty feet high overmars

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