Pandemic Parenting - Will the Kids Be Okay Socially?


Note. I received on instagram. Hi janet. I'm reaching out to see if you've touched upon. The current isolations are toddlers are having because of it. I have a twenty month old. That has basically had little to no interaction with other kids. And i worry about it. I also try not to be concerned knowing. He is still under too. But i just wanted to know if you've spoken on this. Thank you so much. So no. I don't think i have spoken directly about this and As i said it's the question i've received most since the pandemic so the short answer i have is that the kids will be all right that they will not be harmed in any major way by this pause in pierre socializing And maybe extended family socializing as well and others. Who studied child. Development have said the same that primarily. Children learn social behaviors through their primary caregivers through the relationships. They have with us as their parents. And this begins quite early with i contact communication and then children beginning to verbalize and understand what we're communicating. Social learning is often said probably one of the most complicated nuanced types of learning is quite different than learning multiplication tables or something that's measurable the beginning. Of course there are these these signs that children are on track but as they get older. There is a wide wide. Range of normal temperament comes into play we have extroverts and introverts so there isn't a specific timetable when children should be achieving xyz beyond those really couple of years when when children just starting to to show that they are becoming able communicators. So i would love to take this possible stressor off parents list for now since there are many reasons to be concerned in life and this is not going to be a major problem however there are things that we can do and i would recommend all these things anyway. But perhaps they're even more important in pandemic times when there is more 'isolation and less opportunity for children to practice their social skills with peers and and extended family. And so. I look back on a piece that i'd written a couple of years ago called four best ways to raise children with social intelligence and i notice that as i thought there's only one of these ways that's about children practicing with other children. The rest of them are about primary relationships for example. The first one is. Don't wait to communicate. Start speaking with your baby beginning a two way conversation right away and that doesn't mean we just start talking about the weather and hope that our child will respond. It means talking about pertinent things letting them know when we're doing something with them what we're doing step by step. I'm going to pick you up now. Now we'll go over to change your diaper. Now it's time for the bath. There's the warm water so we will be communicating about meaningful things set. Your child understands that this is important tool that helps you to feel connected to not only the other person but your

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