Brian Austin Green Celebrates Valentine’s Day with 'Amazing, Considerate, Loving' Sharna Burgess


What was the Valentine's headline about Megan Fox and Machine Gun? Kelly. He Meghan, Our machine gun was wearing some blood of Meghan Kelly Fox. Around his neck in a necklace, right? Because they love each other so much. They're so metal. He wears her blood. She heavy metal. No, honey. He is No, honey. No, honey, He's not. He is rap. He's a rap. He's a wrap party. Okay, He's a rapper artist s O Anyhoo. See what? See? Um, back to the media War That I said, is being fought betwixt the to know every time one of them does something publicly, The other one responds through the media passive aggressively, right? Well, Brian Austin Green has done so and he did so in the form of a 12 Minute Instagram live session on Sunday with Sharna Burgess, His Burgess, Bert Burgess Burgess. His love interest 12 minutes. It's a long time on how they how grateful they are to have found each other. It's 12 minutes talking about there. Is he wearing her blood? No, but he did say the following and I just thought Now listen, I will Nick pick I am not above it. He said the following of her and her character of his new lady in his life. He calls Sharna Burgess and amazing, considerate, loving, kind person. And I just thought like the considerate piece was kind of an interesting choice of words. Like I said, I'm going to nit pick. Considerate is a word that you use to describe a child may be like, Oh, there's such a kind and considerate person. Or it's like a report card word, but I don't hear that word and think that's something you say about the person who you've fallen in love with unless you're trying to say. My ex is inconsiderate on this person is considerate. And you're not wearing the blood of your Yeah, Favorite person. And honestly, maybe it was a little bit of a reaction to the blood. Necklace. I just think you know, these two couples are like living out their population ships their new publish in ships and sort of using it as a vehicle by which to take out their passive aggressive thanks to towards each other. They are definitely they are definitely doing this very performative Lee. Apparently one of the other things that Brian Austin Green said in this 12 minute long instagram live was this could be the start of something amazing. He said. Quote. This could be the year that starts something. This could be the start of something amazing. I said that last year

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