A highlight from Jumper Jenga, Bearded Bear Bro's, Snow Plough Bro's, fetish face mask, perfect scrubbing, form a queue!


Now. Sixty three episodes sixty three. I'm sorry just a little moore interlude. There smashing heavier. It's one of those transitional saturday afternoons where is actually feeling quite warm here in colorado chaddy houses by the way and you can always reach me on a police car if you ever have to send any messages and tell me to. Bob are for shut up. You pompous ass or any of those lovely greetings. That i sometimes get. You can put on postcard but you know. I only accept postcards with the queen's head honest the only way they can get to me is like santa claus when you putting up the chimney or or maybe the to fairy you know the the the next always very well with the tooth fairies teeth are not quite good. I didn't know about our antipathy and cousins. they also have good teeth on all. I mean that's i didn't. I never really looked to nauseous mouth. But i've always fearful of some sort of bite back or something like that But here we are game snow on its way and And you know trying to get through another sort of covid weekend. Basically and isn't i'm here for him. I'm like a might comfort blanket for you in a little heavy lifting today Box of a thousand teabags that have to be carried into chaffee towers today. I mean i nearly backout. Its considerable weight of t- Because i drink it by the gallon. Full i mean i really do i mean i always have a brew a big part a big teapot but i'm not a little teapot short and stout his my handle has my spout. No none of that is a sizable part. Big spout and T always on the go but but smashing to you're out there and we as a city doing rothwell in japan is probably. I mean no disrespect to our japanese cousins. But we just don't understand you know if they don't speak english. It's probably sounds better if you speak. English is off. That would say but welcome along wherever you are Wherever you're listening at night morning noon. Maybe maybe maybe. This podcast of revs up people for a. I love that of all the times. I'd love it. If you just pop. This podcast on is a little para teeth before noon. It'll be fantastic. If my voice is stirring the loins of the world then amount of happy man. I can support. He retire and to stop the podcast right now and say might my work. Indeed is done. I am now the soundtrack for fernanda chappie the newness soundtrack and some of the things that we may or may not be discussing on the podcast today and as always it's a pack show. We didn't get rounded too much yesterday. But we all playing a game of jump agenda now when i say when i say jump agenda i'm not talking about a bunch of ma'am babies being stacked up in my baby grow jumper outfits No i mean that'd be a fun game in many many a man baby colorado. I saw one probably about an hour ago. Who's very moody very rude. When open the door for lady and and very loud i mean. He brought his wallet. Muzy expect me to pay for. It is food. But i am brought his wallet and and he wanted everybody to know him and his goal for so loud. I mean is like they were forming in some sort of You know west end or broadway. One act play. That made it to the first night and then boot state that's basically what it was But no it's not what jumba jiang not stacked up man babies. We put one man baby out and see which one falls down and ninette. I'm going into my closet. I'm not coming out of the closet. I never quit. But i'm actually going to the closet and i'm going to be removing some of my sweaters and whichever sweater causes the whole pile to tumble you know. Let's get ready to tumble. That's what it's going to be then. The whatever sweater brings down the whole heat. Falling down humpty dumpty is the one that i'm going to donate the probably need to get rid of some of these sorta say so. So yes so we have. That jumper jenga has jumped as a what we call sweat as you can also go the second mister in part to. What did my parents for the messed. I mean it's causing a great sort of consternation. Panic and a lot of heartburn amongst people. I believe but they're just wondering what this is going to be. Will this be some. How like apparition will it be Pennywise submit i mean. Could it be The mary celeste. Good lord lucan. Be in the mess. I mean there's so many so many different possibilities here and also my parents. You know fascinating times down here. They would talk telling me how best described the fall. And i'm going to reveal this to you. I mean cleanliness is next to godliness. Say and this is. my parents. Were very very clean people. You know that generation the baby boomer generation. They were thrifty. As i said everyone will they. Don saux they They they they. Re reused reuse. Everything basically i think it was. You know they cousins over thirty four years. They actually used newspapers in the In the bathroom the outsold also bathrooms the toilets outside the in honeycutt came along and got rid of it all that we've talked on a former podcast but But yeah so. They know how to clean better than anybody else. So maybe revealing those secrets. Later in the podcast. Here also we we. Didn't we would talking last week. About possibly the scotsman out there with their sporran sprinting salts during some sort of scottish sword. Downs that last week but people are very obsessed. Here you know about get two inches of snow. And they've got a huge like snowplow. A petrol driven gas driven snowplow. And then they have an assortment of snow shovels for every for every season for every level of snow so a motorized petrol driven gas driven snow power at an assortment of different snow shovels. I mean why does one need all of this anyway. We're going to be digging into that. I may have found something better than the actress normal. I'm trying these items on but they could be better than the tracks. We never talked about dope. Booties we never talked about the bid. Bab bros. who a message me on instagram half. Are you going commando in the cold weather and in lockdown. Have you friend away your nicholas. Well

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