Dallas Cowboys fire defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and defensive line coach Jim Tomsula


Do have some breaking news on friday afternoon. The first friday after the dallas cowboys season ended an unfortunate start the new year for their staff. That dallas cowboys. Making some you know some obvious news in a bit of surprise news the dallas cowboys announcing that defensive coordinator. Mike nolan defensive. Line coach jim. Tom soula have been let go. Have been whatever you wanna call it fire to buy the team. They will not be back in two thousand and twenty one. Mike nolan obviously oversaw. One of the worst defenses to ever live ever played in the nfl. And so we'd heard. Rumblings obviously had been reported different instances over kind of the last month that it was likely he was not going to be back although mike nolan. If you're somehow unaware is is rather chummy with mike mccarthy dallas cowboys head coach mike mccarthy they go way back in case. You forgot mike. Nolan was the head coach of the san francisco. Forty niners in two thousand and five and mike mccarthy offensive corner at the time that was of course the year. The forty niners took alex smith with a number one overall pick. Ironically the quarterback that won the division that they were together here. This season with the dallas cowboys. Jim thome soula was a head coach of the forty niners at one point in time himself albeit for only a year obviously following in the footsteps of jim harbaugh who got an extension today of all days again with the university of michigan so lots of symmetry going on here and so. Yeah i mean my canola thing. I think everybody saw coming a mile away. The jim thome solo thing is a bit of a surprise austin on youtube. Says i thought it said mccarthy and was like whoa still good to get rid of nolan and this is how every cowboys fan feels. And let's be frank. Let's be honest. We don't enjoy talking about people losing their jobs. People getting fired or things like that but this defense was among the worst again in the history of this game. The dallas cowboys last week. With their season on the line against an offense that had been anemic for most of the season the new york giants that was incidentally again. You talk about all. The irony here led by former dallas cowboys head coach jason garrett in the giants offensive coordinator who again to go kind of crazy circle reportedly had an interview today on friday with the los angeles chargers for their head coaching vacancy. But the cowboys new york with their season on the line and they got run over. I mean the new york giants before last week against the cowboys. The previous four games. The giants had not scored more than three points in a single first half in each of the four games. The giants played before the cowboys. They went into the locker room at halftime with no more than three points. They put twenty up in the first half against the cowboys. And that was kind of what the season was for the cowboys right. This never ending display of imperfection this never ending run of records getting broken records getting set and i just you know this was inevitable. I mean shutout. Of course to the all encompassing thanos. I mean this truly was inevitable. Reality a lotta people myself. Included wondered what took so long this week. It's a pair at the mike mccarthy and his staff overall were evaluating things doing kind of the final walk throughs and assessments in whatever time just came for them to move

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