A highlight from Prof. Scott Huettal, Professor of Neuroscience at Duke University


Mike as scott. He'll tell who's professor of psychology neuroscience light duke university listened in his lab investigates the brain mechanisms some leg economic and social decision-making but scott. for having me. Thanks for doing this. I want to start with all the papers Decision neuroscience economics You said few aspects of human cognition are more personal that the choices we make our decisions from the mundane to the impossibly complex continually shape the coast of support lives increasing as jobs have applied the tools of neuroscience to understand the mechanisms that underlie decision-making as part of the discipline of decision neuroscience. I'm vinnie implicit in this area. Scott i had done some work in in economic decisions especially economic decisions under uncertainty and Often one big The brain actually doing the stuff so talk a bit about what you mean by decision neuroscience. Yeah so this is a pretty new field. Started probably about twenty years ago and scientific terms. That's quite new in the core idea. Was that many of the Sort of anomalies or bias is we see in in choice. Behavior may actually reflect some principles that are mechanisms that underlie choices in our number of us when the field is growing. Had this idea that we could understand better how the brain helps shape our choices. We might have better insight into things like what you're talking about about. For example the different bias people show when making decisions under uncertainty and so as a field we. We grew up trying to understand many of the economists and psychologists in looking out for fifty one hundred years through a lens of brain function. And that actually revealed some new insights into these sort of anomalies. That people have been looking at for decades. Yes so you can talk a little bit about sort of decisions under uncertainty It's an area that has little bit of a debate even after hundreds of years in economics and finance Have you think about that you V still sort of a reduce it in some sort of deterministic equation Pledge spreadsheets have done a disservice argue that That allows people to put a bunch of numbers into a spreadsheet and divided or discount using a discount rate and come up with

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