How the Tampa Bay Buccaneers upset the New Orleans Saints to advance to the N.F.C. championship game.

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Drew brees tom. Brady eighty five years worth of quarterbacks second quarter at six three saints and then dan fish huge mistake by brief. Yeah first of all the internal pressure and second of all the physical. Play at the line of scrimmage by murphy bunting getting physical with the receiver michael thomas undercutting that outraged by drew brees. That throw was a huge tone. And that. I love the to mike evans big body in the red zone. Stay in between the quarterback and defensive back touchdown tampa bay for cash in ten six tampa ensuing drive seats trying to respond. This is james winstons. First career playoff past and dan take a look at the triggering. Yeah love the beautiful design and then trey smith leaking down the middle field. But this is really about everyone paying attention to alvin kamara. Watch the tailback in. How many blocks defenders run that way. They lead tricon smith on blocked out here. You big cat. Take great play designed by matt. Nagy that sean payton carries over to yesterday saints thirteen. Ten is the advantage there. Bucks get a field goal. So we're tied up at halftime first. Possession of the second breeze to smith again beautiful. Throw we've seen so much by drew. Brees that incites thought. Fade carry into the sideline touchdown new orleans but then later in the third dan. This play changed the entire game. It's incredible winco junior yet. Tampa new orleans wins. The right they get that slant because it's man coverage but just watch that right hand come in on that back side punch to finish that playoff for tampa bay's defense. That ball bounces right to their defender to huge turnover for them saints turnovers and the bucks cashing in. That was the story of the game. Here's brady that's leonard. Four bucks tied up at twenty cook knows. That mistake was critical. Comes another one dan. Although this one clearly seems to be miscommunication yeah really. It's really just trying to get a vertically route to evan chimera out of the backfield but what happens is never liked. Does a remarkable job of playing with vision onto drew brees patient and then no wasted movement snaps drives on that football before kamera ever turns around and drew knows that was a terrible decision. Saints third turnover leads to this brady takes it himself. Tom brady giving the bucks a thirty to twenty lead. Only the rap isn't excited about it and one last chance now. Desperation time for freeze. That is tipped in the air. And that is all she

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