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To nobody knew it was ted lasso and i thought there you go. These people don't know anything about apple. Tv plus and that is that right there. I was like that. Is apple's challenge. Is apple gotta get above the noise. Because i feel ted. Lasso is one of the shows that has got great word of mouth. Everybody's talking about it and yet those three jeopardy contestants at least never heard of it no idea i feel like the ted lasso is maybe the only show that's really broken out But yes it's still not. It's not enough yet. Ted lasso season two is officially in production. Now's wells' over announcement that it is hurry. That's that's great to hear that they that they've done that and i should say that. I think they recorded that jeopardy episode was the first batch after alex trebek's died so it's probably november That they recorded those. So i feel like the ted laso conversation continues to build and spread so you know but adding to the catalog and doing a second season. They'll do second season promotion when it comes out and tell everybody to go back and binge the first season which is what. They're the new promo for for all mankind season. Two came out and at the end of it doesn't just say february. It says the first season now mike. Oh yeah you should. Yeah that's the right way to promote a season two of a show on apple tv plus. Because maybe you've never even heard of it all right. We have a bunch of reports to talk about today that have come from various sites and the first one comes from the information with a secondary report from bloomberg

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