Review: 13 Sentinels



Really curious to hear your take on thirteen. Sentinels a game again. That kind of creeped up on me out of nowhere and saw a lot of people who i tend to kind of align my taste with talking about how great it was in it is vanilla. Wear game i've played. I guess all their games of years and they're known for just this very beautiful hand-drawn style and it comes through wonderfully in thirteen sentinels but a backup explained the game. It's really interesting in. do you know much like. Have you paid much attention to it. Yet what the narrative is what's going to dislike a pop culture mash up the storyline with the time. Travel and stuff right there. Yes quite a bit. That's what kind of like piqued. My interest being with people like this game is really well written as someone who likes riding lakes games. I tend to try to pay attention well and seeing also that smell aware. I was really interested but The actual construction of the game is really interesting. It's almost two pieces one of which is for better or worse almost like a graphic adventure that you play non linearity that you kinda play different segments between the thirteen different characters that thirteen sentinels the sentinels are there giant robots that but there are thirteen people get into them sue kind of play small sets that all we've together to a bigger story in the game play is very much a graphic adventure. You walk around two d. screens talking to each other. It's fully voiced and have to say trying to be like an alpha like animated fan. I said it to japanese initially and was enjoying it. Okay but then actually switch it over in the english word sackings actually fantastic really up to my enjoyment of the game. It's awfully voiced so it is this again. I just really call it a graphic adventure you walk round and you just choose kind of like questions to ask. There's an interesting mechanical. You just press a button and your thought cloud comes up which is just different topics that your character has heard about or kind of like buzzwords you can choose and one thing i enjoy. That silly is your character like this robot. Boy says the buzzword. I liked it so it'll be like ufo like that that but it is very much a graphic adventure but then the other part of it is extensively a tower defense game. I want to say it's very interesting. And this part of the game is almost polarizing in how not pretty it is. It's almost like wire frames like it looks almost like imaginative cyberspace but a what that allows them to do is create a huge sense of scale. Basically you are piloting. Different robots in the city of tokyo. I believe mostly it's the whole city entered finding one part but it's very simplistic graphics As most looks like wire frames. And then if you like played on certain units you can see illustration of what they're supposed to be like which will be giant fantastic mexican most part but what that allows them to do is do things were like like two hundred little enemies are coming at you and you could shoot them all with a giant giant like rail gun that will kill of them at once so the simplicity actually allows them to create this like cool game of scale and is like it's turn based in a way it's for unique. I'm scrubbing poorly. But it's definitely nothing. I expected because i thought maybe it would be like jr g like mechanically but up. It is just fascinating as you can play them. The two parts separately out of sequence. I believe i. i'm b. But i believe you eventually do need to get to certain parts in the tower defense portion to unlock other parts vice versa. But i it is wholly unique in the sense. I've never played a game kind of constructed like this. But also at its core there's a really well acted compelling story that if you are fan of sci-fi wouldn't even go as far as saying anime which can to some people seem as a pejorative like yes. It has very anime style to it but it is a pretty unique and compelling story a that involves like time travel almost like meta narratives about pop culture. John ryan Anymore to spoil it. But it's really intriguing that it is thirteen different characters. There is an element of time travel in just characters not appearing to who they need to be in a time where. I play a lot of video games as i'm sure everyone does. I tend to be a little bit of like a tourist gamer. And i want to see like the new cool thing that's out but sometimes it takes a lot for a game to hook me but this actually like immediately got it's like mystery hooks in seems like a really well written welcome post story. That has well. I've just seen people say like oh stick with it. The reveals are really worth it. So yeah that's my. Because i'm so glad to hear you say that last part because that was biggest worry honestly. The only reason i picked it up yet is because i was worried that it was going to take fourteen hours to get to the good stuff. You know a lot of those. I mean not to be overly generalizing but a lot of those vanilla games are kinda like that. Where like you'd have to play for like thirty five hours and it's good it's like i ain't got that time

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