A highlight from 'Play your Pet Plopsies right'. Cat-gut tennis rackets, rustic snow shoes, 'Gran-ma-ma she hates runny yokes!' Talking to fellow Corgi owners in cars with yellow tongues.


And cauliflower cheese is episode number sixty four. So when i'm sixty four we've reached that podcast is reached the age where is don't to forget previous episodes. Maybe a little bit of gout in. It's big toes Maybe some sort of boozy habit too many carbs. It hasn't quite had its code injection yet. But it's coming up very very soon because it is sixty four so Hello there again. It's a lovely to be with you. I'm here today and tomorrow. We have two podcasts. A week they go on between forty five minutes to an hour depending on how much i Rabbit on During the course of the pod coughs but Yeah i'm i'm just defrosted. My socks and Do go for the gio of socks in into a wellington boot with the tracks on How about six inches of snow. A that's what i was told. Anyway i didn't measure the six inches by any means But that's what i was told It was quite a snowstorm. And paul george border collie as you can see on my instagram key. Common colored cheese Terrible trouble getting the snow. I mean a good mazda was planning a thorough for the snow for her but it was still a bit of a bit of an issue also in the week. Maggie had handed law corporation. And then if you've ever had a had a coffee space but that little rambunctious and they don't really liked to admit that they are weak and Convalescing everything else. So spill challenge. I did get out a Little baby pay pen and And the dog loved playing in the pipette. Anybody stead for the fru. The windows chappie tau is. They may think. I have another baby. Which i do. Not i have to say only a baby corgi. that's convalescing and Trying to stop it from jumping up and and ripping the stitches you know as all of us who slightly more rambunctious incredibly energetic overseas. Such as myself even know me. Then you know we do tend to rip the stitches. I tend to rip my trousers now in a game. And it's nothing to do with The lockdown five pounds or anything along those lines But you know. I always have to have an extra strong gusset so when i'm you know serve. The trousers is important. That i use probably a metal thread to keep the gusset together. Because i do have a habit of splitting those trousers and doing olympic gymnasts blitz or any of those. Yeah they tend to do the banana split now and again because you could end up spending of an honor if you start doing a man of my age anyway anyway. So we're we're the podcast started cash show this week and some of the things that we We may or may not be talking about. We have a little game knowing. Say too much more. Maybe today maybe tomorrow is basically chicken pie or cap vomit. And i've incorporated my my brain is being tell you it's been perturbed didn't Bobbling away the last week. And i've come up with at a brand new game. I know jumping django bravo fantastic and it really did Stood the imagination. I think In both in shredded wheat. I found something that not even both them could ease Probably lost week. And you know about harry. Walking away from the royal family. Harry megan more of that. I know people in tabloids to dig it. Harry so often digging harry and meghan soul but anyway a little article a little snapshot of what's been going on this week. Most people stop on the road. When i'm walking core and georgia call a little chat but something did happen is offering balancing this morning. I have to say the queen's taken the job and she's being on tv celebrating the fact that she has a job and it's it feels like a little prick and that's nothing do prince andrew anyway. Then we have a reintroduction zits to champions body Talk about that. As well as i said the baby plan for the corgi ever heard of the breakfast bed will all be enlightening. You on the breakfast bed Certain fly sprays. Do not work. Why do americans hate pickle And we'll see obsession with burgers in in america. We'll be looking that as well A smell of cream of celery soup emanating You know the perfect description of a corgi does does it. Kogi have a deer so they do have families but anyway we're going to be slipping all of these things into the into the show of the next couple of days here. Never farsight ghostly tale. We'll be sitting down very spooky taliban walk said and also we have trump trombone coming back again where we look at some of them absolutely despicable tales of the week and a quite into the trump or indeed the trombone. Welcome to the show. Lovely so i do love the act tracks as low told you many times before but have you ever wondered how to make snow she. I'm sure all of you think champion is just thinking about that the other day. I don't want to spend money on snowshoe sir. How can i make a snowshoe on budget. Well trudging through the snow regular boots. Very exhausting doesn't take very much white to sink for a foot or more snow of each step. Especially if you're a large allowed not only will it. Drain your energy to prevent you from traveling very far as well. So this is why good pilot. quality pair of quality. Snowshoes is invaluable snowshoes. Will distribute your weight. I mean i honestly think it's like an elephant on ice with me sometimes. Gerbil made snowshoes. For cheap quality snowshoes. Expensive cheaper ones in the market. Start around six to eighty dollars with high quality one costing several hundred dollars as well. But you can't make snowshoe out of branches so you can make snow. She out of branches you find in the woods on the backyard or all sticks ago dog brings in maybe bronzes from willow spruce pine and thirties best flexible endurable for this method. You need to shop. Nice strong cord or rope and tree branches. That branches should be already flexible but in case they're not you can warn over a stove or a fire. Sounds like sounds like a fire hazard waiting to happen next. Bend the bronzes into shape. Traditional snowshoes several inches larger than your foot. So that's a size sixteen for me. Tie the two ends tightly with cord into an x shape following this unique moldable smaller bronzes to serve as

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