Seattle's King County Reflects On A Year Of Fighting COVID-19


It's It's hard hard to to believe believe it's it's been been a a year year since since the the first first person person in in King King County County died died of of covert covert 19 was beginning of what's been a long, grueling year. Comas Nick Poppen looks back and ahead. Interesting years time we've been able to have two covert 19 vaccines and circulation with the third vaccine getting approval this weekend. We've come down from the third wave in our entire state is now in Phase two. As we go into the second year of this pandemic do, Jin says. It's important to know that learning from our past gives us a better chance at handling the future, especially with more vaccines on the way the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and the path to a more normal life is becoming clearer. And the hope is that now that Johnson and Johnson has been approved with their vaccine will be able to increase. Daily inoculations here in the state of Washington. Right now we're averaging about 26,000 doses a day. Their goal for the state is hopefully to get to 45,000. Inoculations of day. Nick Pompom, Come on

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