244 - Boundaries, Fear, & Being a Professional Troublemaker with Luvvie Ajayi Jones


Knowing that the world will costantly scare you and saying you know what. I'm gonna wake up today and i'm going to do that thing. That makes me uncomfortable in anxious but i know that it is for something bigger than me. So yeah. they're not the haters contrarians. They're not just like you know shit starters and they are people who feel this deep sense of obligation to the people around them to the world that they live in and are like you know sometimes might have to put myself on the line. But i'm gonna do it because it's worth it for. Justice hates marie leo and welcome to another episode of the marie. Forleo podcast. now. Look if you're somebody who gets held back by fear you know you wanna do things you want to say things but you're completely afraid of what might happen if you actually do. Today's show is going to change your life lovey. Gye jones is a new york times bestselling author speaker and podcast thrives at the intersection of comedy media and justice. She's the co creator of the hashtag. Cher the mike now global movement and host of the podcast professional troublemaker. Her debut book. I'm judging you was a new york times bestseller. And her new book professional troublemaker. The fear fighter manual is available. Now levey all okay so before we even get into it. Everybody i have to tell you the other night. I'm reading loves book and i literally had to stop it and i picked my phone and i started texting her. With a lot of expletives. Because that's who i am and that's what i do like this book. Okay my friend. I have to tell you first of all. Congratulations thank you second. I have a weird spidey sense about me. A little bit of intuition. I've done this a few times in the past like i got so many chills on this book. I am predicting such huge things for your career but also the people who get the benefit of reading your words like you have taken it to such a new level. I've read your first book. i love you. i adore you. i respect you and as i shared my tax. You went to a whole new place in this. And so i just have to bow down and just let you know listen. That text message made my heart smile. I was like. Let's get that reflected back to me is so meaningful in such a big way because sometimes you create something. I mean you know as good but then when somebody is like no no let me tell you how good and new you'll serious because you cost in now's i guess it's i have so many underlines i have i mean we could have this conversation but but i also like you. I'm a big marketer. And i don't shy away from that. I want people to get the damn book. So we're gonna talk about some pieces but we're gonna leave a lot out because you need to read it yourself and get those feelings in those insights for you. So let's start off just at the top. What inspired you to write this one. Why did you want to put this out after. I'm judging you. Yeah we're trying to figure out what is my second book going to be about. I think i knew. I didn't necessarily want to write a sequel to um judge judy you to judge in you right but i still am judge but i sat on like to is going to be by. Then we'll get the idea. And it's going to be clear when i get it and i remember. I was on a flight to paris for speaking engagement. When i got this idea in the line that came to my head was. I come from a long line of professional troublemakers. My grandmother was one came to me. When i was born in my flight and i literally took a head out and i wrote it down. I was like this is my book but it was after a a bit of trying to figure out. What is the thing that i wanna say. The people in the next thing that i put next eighty thousand words and it was right in front of me. You know what happens when we doubt was right in front of us. Because it's too easy were like i can't be it. Yes we spend a lotta time doing that. And i realized i do that all the time running front of me this whole time. Was my ted. Talk so avatar. Talk this called getting comfortable being uncomfortable. That went viral has had five million views at this point over five million views. I said no to the tedtalk twice. Because i didn't think i was ready for it when michelin invited me to do this talk. I was like nah. i'm too busy. It was right after the book came out. He was like six months at the book. Came out now. I'm still doing like a lot of speaking. Ted takes a lot of attention. I'm not ready for that. I don't have time to even get coached for that. Turn pat down once. They're not turned down again when she like. We're going to do a panel at ted with a lot of your friends. I'd glennon doyle and you should come on the panel. And i was like i'm not gonna have time because i'm gonna tend to tour with glenn in but also had extra speaking engagements on top of that so i said no again to pat mitchell and

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