Gov. Cuomo Apologizes For 'Misinterpreted' Comments Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

What A Day


New york governor andrew cuomo responded to allegations of sexual harassment against him yesterday in a statement. He expressed regret that his previous workplace. Comments were quote misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation. Essentially using the classic non apology. I'm sorry you felt what i did was wrong. Komo maintained his denial of the recent allegations. Which have now been brought forward by two former aides. The second is someone who worked for komo during the pandemic and she revealed this weekend that he asked her inappropriate questions about her sex life and implied. He was open to a sexual relationship with her. After initially choosing a clinton appointed former federal judge to lead an investigation into the claims leading to concerns that there would be political bias cuomo reverse and said he would cooperate with whatever. Independent investigator is chosen by new york. Attorney general letitia

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