There's no electricity, There's no money. Every day. 5000


No electricity, There's no money. Every day. 5000 people flee the country trying to escape starvation. In the last two years, two million have fled. Another two million will leave this year. Women Women risk being raped and attacked by smugglers, members of the upper class skilled professionals. They're abandoning their property, taking jobs as day laborers in other countries, But life is worse for those who stay in Venezuela. It's also totally predictable and I did predict when Hugo Chavez came to power back in 1999, But our brilliant liberal elite in quoting Hollywood stars praised Chavez and his chosen successor, Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro. American liberals always celebrate socialism just as they're doing today in the Democrat Party because they see it as total power. Even though it fails every time it's tried. They still think it hasn't been tried by the right people with the right amount of

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