York's governor Andrew Cuomo,


Slowly coming back at buildings in co op city in the Bronx residents suffering their second outage engine house three days on Sunday building residents 78 year old eight along more died Friday. During the first outage, she was attempting to climb to the 19th floor. Her oxygen tank gave out her daughter. We're just getting to the funeral and stuff like that. And Congressman Jamal Bowman at co op city over the weekend addressing residents power goes out and the electricity goes out. Those people are left vulnerable, and that seems to be what happened with it alone. Mark and a transformer fire at that facility is blamed for the outages. W ABC News Time 505 Down futures down 469 points from the 77 w ABC News desk. I'm Deborah Valentine, The Rooster for your Morning all the news. You need to know it's the W A B C. Early news on 77 w A. B C. Now Here's Juliet Huddy and Frank Murano. Five minutes.

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