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Everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name. Is todd cochran. Of course i'm joined by my co host. Mr riley and we are doing something a little different today. Rob yes we are. it's awesome. It's awesome lebanon involved in the in the clubhouse platform for a few months now and i'm seeing a lot of energy and excitement coming to this This new platform Not without some controversies and and But i think some opportunities going forward absolutely and it's kind of interesting because you're running the remote control today. Basically you've got the audio coming into clubhouse. I'm muting even though i'm watching what's grinding clubhouse so it's a little weird. Ios app keeps trying to raise the volume doesn't like me being a participant with the volume down. Which is kinda funny. But anyway rob's routing through as wrote and for those of you. That are part of our new normal podcasts audience. Thanks for being here and as you guys know we've been doing all only for the past couple of weeks. The show will return to normal about a week from now. Think depends If everything goes right we get in Back in the studio and nick saturday but Other than that get a few things we talk about today and they see we had a great group in the clubhouse but robbed you on a kind of kick things off and on our topic list today. Yeah i think what we wanted to talk about. Is i mean obviously do our normal show that we do todd but also talk about You know this melding that's happening between podcasting and social audio and in what what the opportunities are there and definitely wanna hear from those that are in the room that Have something to say on this topic and and you're certainly walk. You know a raise your hand at any time and we can pull you up. My plan was to was to bring up. People will probably one at a time maybe a couple of people at a time and then have those folks go back to the audience at some point so we can keep a a flow of people coming up to the stage talking about stuff. But but todd i do you wanna start off Talking about a couple of things that are popping up in the space right now. Is there anything that you wanted to talk about. I know we tend to not have a a real agenda with this show so talking about you know the melting pot gaskin. Social audio is something that i was hoping that we just engaged the clubhouse community here to to talk about that because we certainly don't have all the answers to this absolutely i. I think there was one topic that you and i can talk a little bit before. It went live today and it's starting to appear. It's i guess you know what there's a conference is going on. I guess is get some feedback on accessibility and You know accessibility and podcasting is in my opinion has been at the forefront of something we've cared about from the beginning and you did a concentrated effort to make sure that everything that we did it very podcasting was accessible in fact We've got an internal policy. Set up that if we get a ticket from a saying hey. We're gonna accessibility issue in recently. We did one of our players was not being wasn't doing what was supposed to do. And we make that a priority. Now party one mix in. it's all things. Come stop and we and we get that fixed and get that you know back in production so that the site remains completely accessible. So i think in this day and age we already have accessibility challenge podcasting to a certain extent. Podcasting for many shows is not completely accessible Because a lot of shows don't do transcript so the you know you have to make your website you have everything you can to be accessible but From a company standpoint we try to be accessible as possible. Yeah i mean there's just a transcript isn't entirely the complete solution either. So i think you know this has been an issue in software For many many years even going back to the years that i was working at Microsoft they are. There was a lot of concern about software being being accepts. You know accessible to people of disability out there. And and i think that it's it's been an ongoing issue in the software space just in general because i mean a lot of software engineers and a lot of poor managers. Just don't understand what's needed to make these these adjustments to software and and and it's been a challenge challenging. Unfortunately it hasn't been prioritized as something that's important and that's i believe that that that atmosphere is changing right right now. I think I think it's due time. I mean that's not to say that there are companies in target. You're you guys are example of it. That are moving aggressively in that direction to make sure that things are as accessible as possible. But i think there's always improvement to be to be had here you know and it's It takes a dedicated effort. And i really give credit to angelo because in the very beginning way back when we started writing code for our sites back in two thousand five he you know he had said hey. Everything has speak cesspool. And i'm like educate me on this. And of course he sent me like twenty links to different things. I had me read. But he was the one that was really led the company's mantra.

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