Days ago. We observed the thirty fifth anniversary of the space shuttle. Challenger's bush in the killed seven brave astronauts and a chance to actually get into that. I just thought it kind of bring the room down and it would it. Would basically a habit gets reflect back on the failure that the shuttle program eventually became. I'm man i'm and it's arguable. That the shuttle missions were a failure but it just Conversations before with people who said it's the equivalent of taking a bus out of the garage. Hang around the earth a couple times. That's all it was but you know it was interesting. At least the space program had something going on at the time. And i thought it would. I even met a shuttle astronaut Good guy Just that by the time We had a conversation on a cable channel about moon landing in. I didn't like each other afterwards. And i i didn't. I didn't wanna cause trouble with him. In fact he was just an amazing astronaut. Let's astronaut my god guys space. You know pro. You know again. I look at astronauts. It's like i. I'd look at a veteran. Or i look at a soldier who fights. I mean they got more than i do. I sit studio. And gripe all the time but i just you know. I was amazed by The he was not my first astronaut. I've met a few Never met buzz aldrin or ordeal armstrong. Or anybody like that. A few shuttle astronauts. I've i've met a former nasa. Well no i interviewed chuck cernan but i was never. I interviewed him over the phone. So i i don't know i just have an affinity for space i i i love it because of course i love the topic of aliens. Ufo's avi lopburi more. We come on. Space travels amazing. I mean we'd star trek star wars. These are things. I really like And you know noticing too. I grew up in utah. Where more than fire call was twenty miles away thirty miles away from where i lived and this is where the rings were made for the space shuttle program of course the failed challenger explosion was because of the ordering problems were more than thiokol and only two failures in the whole space shuttle program where people were killed. Astronauts were killed. No real new information though. That was out there and You know and we kept being promised this was just you know the shuttle program was going to be used to not only take the bus out for a dry but it was also going to be used to go to the space station and bring astronauts food and stuff and now well for the longest time we were contracting russia. We're having a deal with russia to send astronauts to the space shuttle to the space station to well actually said food to the space as well and i thought why are we relying on russia in and this whole nonsense about how russia was our enemy and everything. They're our enemy. Why are they helping us with our space program. Just didn't make any sense. But yeah i mean looking back at our field. Space programs is important. Indicate that president. Barack obama crippled dass his efforts to send astronauts beyond low earth orbit. When obama came into office. he didn't want a number of other. Presidents have done to determine their goals for nasa. He formed a presidential commission to study the space agency and then he came up with some recommendations so he you a committee the committee. You basically. you're saying well. I think there are far more important things. We need to invest our money. And so i'm gonna cut your budget. You know basically what area. We're gonna bring you altogether. Cut your budget. So you're going to have to deal with you know whatever that's all it's been cutting budget and budget cutting and and And so that's why you have now space x that's why you have You know these other companies visas and others who want to do space because you know space has been neglected. The budgets have been neglected in our government for some time but we had a lot of conservative presidents like george w bush and of course donald trump. Who said yeah. We're all the speech program. Let's get it going. And the reason why is because there's brooke obama once said and this is one of the reasons why he basically said no to you know exorbitant budgets for space. He says well. You know spaces. In america. First issue. And we should be more universal. We she wore. We wore worldly with our concepts in our conquest of space. We need to do you know we didn't do it all together as a world. It's a it's a world bring people together in a world government or world philosophy. I think reagan kinda hinted to what he said. You know our differences worldwide would vanish. We were facing an alien threat from outside of this world but that was an alien threat. That was the idea that if there were aliens out there wanting to eat us then we would certainly band together as a group. I mean that's what independence day was all about right. See the independence day. Movie or armageddon were nasa saves the day. You know it's time and time again. We get told it. Our space program is amazing. Well yeah they do amazing things. But it's not as amazing as it used to be. I mean lockheed. Martin ceo norm augustine Headed up the augustine commission during the obama administration actually was named after maga sanofi headed up with the. It's called the augustine commission and basically they returned with a set of recommendations after few wants convening during the obama administration so the commission found the program then in existence project constellation was not execute under any reasonable

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