Congress certifies Electoral College votes

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Rafael wore not as defeated incumbent. Republican senator kelly leffler in georgia according to associated press projections. He became the first black man as a georgia. Us senator and the first democrat to the senate from georgia in twenty years. So i come before you tonight is a man knows that the improbable journey. That led me to this place in this historic moment in america could only happened here. We were told that we couldn't win this election. But tonight we grew that with whole hard work and the people by our side anything is possible in the other runoff. It's too close to call as of early wednesday morning but democratic challenger jon ossoff who was trailing much of the night has now surged ahead of republican incumbent. Senator david perdue by more than eighty five hundred votes. Thanks to batches of votes from democrat heavy. Dekalb county and most uncounted votes remain in democratic strongholds in the metro atlanta area. If all solve also wins there would be a fifty fifty split of republicans and democrats in the senate that would effectively give democrats control of the senate. Democratic vice president elect comma. Harris would break the tie. Democrats would then control the white house the house and the senate in the upcoming year.

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