Childrens book helps to discuss the environment with children


We begin briefly with a message from the moon from a dog. One you know. Yes i dog on the moon. A friend of johnson. Greens of blueprint fame. I orchestra and a graphic book called the carbon neutral adventures. The indefatigable enviro teens and it is a mixture of fun in fact. Isn't it dog. yes. I wanted to talk not just about what climate change is because i think a lot of people understand that over and this is a book for ten to fourteen year old so i did want to explain what climate changes but almost more importantly i wanted to talk about. Why climate changes and what happened. How it happened and why it's still going on and why it's so hard to do something about it because that if you think about it logically which clearly a lot of people. It doesn't make any sense at all. No you actually summit up marvelously on page one hundred eighty and you say in fact if you imagine the person talking to you. This dog is in fact. A sort of modern version of the mad towed in a speedboat saying the planet is being ruined so wealthy adults can have second jetski. I don't know whether to be scared or sad or angry or something else. I just wanted to the all. Does that sort of sum it up. Yes it does because we talk a lot about the legacy that we're leaving young people and we're very apologetic and for all the grades in the world but we do talk about how they're going to have to fix it and that's just simply outrageous. Not only that we've trashed the planet so badly but also that we're now starting to talk to young people in terms of how it's their job to take care of it and win. Of course i say we. I mean the vast majority of humans on the planet because a lot of the decisions are in the hands of regular folk. But we do have this kind of desperation expectation that people will come along and put together something that we haven't been able to do and that's not really fair now. It isn't but you see in the book your referring to someone who looks like greater but she has a different name what is the name. Cordelia pine kind with it or gardenia. Pine cone is one of them. And that's the most wonderful name. I've come across in a long time. I wanted to put greater in the book infected. I tried to contact her and say would you read my book and write a forward and she didn't get back to me and that's okay 'cause she gets four million emails a day. Yes exactly so. I totally understand that. She wasn't available but it was really about being able to say someone like greater is doing this and we can't all be greta but she's in fact just one person who's doing the same thing that we need. Millions of young people to do now. There are lots of really good scientific references there. But there's one puzzled me. It's fairly long so let me actually read. What's here in the book. It's about piece of technology and you understand very well so far that when it comes to technology. I haven't a clue what's going on anyway. It says the d. foof elisa solar powered vacuum matic vowel sucks up all the nearby poop. Poison foof and flange through the hyper magnetic recycling filter to remove all the bills. Then it's passed at light speed down the anti-gravitational spewed out to be flogged. Back ended home in front. That spits the remains out the plumping shoot into a bucket. All that's left behind is a few nuggets of nickelodeon and you won't believe this. All the bandicoot of the workshop thought. This was hilarious because nickelodeon is a previously unknown form of completely renewable energy that is hugely powerful and totally clean how. We laughed and laughed now in three words. Could you summarize what have just read letitia. The inventing warburg come up with no. I can't not three words there. That's one of the superheroes in the book is leticia who was a genius. Science one bet and she invents all sorts of different machines that do different things with the that work in the mic workshop underneath a headquarters of the environs and the default elisa machine that latisha invented and it removes what they call the poison off which is in fact the in the greenhouse gases. And we know that that carbon isn't infect poisonous. But you just wanted in the right places in the right quantities. The default removed the poison for from the atmosphere. And one of the things. I realize with this wonderful invention which they start trying to deploy around the world. Is that even if you do in fact remove the carbon from the atmosphere. There's still a lot of other problems and difficulties that are going to be solved and it really trying to talk about how chafe nickel solutions to. Climate change are important but they're not infect the answer indeed and where is the island on which this otx. it feels like tasmania. But it isn't is it. It's not a nickel knows. Island is one of the places. I visit with. Captain snoot hall. Who runs the secret. You refuge the and suggests that if they really want to understand what climate change is that need to go on a perilous journey across the waterfall. And are they need to go and talk to the great nipple and the great nipple is a creature who lives at the top of the haunted volcano and explains climate change to them in

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