Off the Record: The Worst 'Trip' You've Ever Had



Look what guys will come back to off the record. We talk about whatever we and once again to daddies and a baby edition and today. We're going to talk about our worst drunk trips. I don't have many only done those drugs like a few times. What's those types. Meth twice for real. Only ever i did molly twice. Don't forget to give me the dates and times and locations and the other suspects always by myself. I don't believe so like have you type of drug. I wanted to take. I was like. I'm so more comfortable with myself but it's not as fun but want to before i experience with a lot of people on this hour. Fueled by myself so i don't freak out or do those things that some people say they would. Because if. I'm feeling whichever way i'd rather be alone. I now i'm not gonna take it and be with people. Tell me that the best one the best trip in the worst trip. So so i feel like all. My interest worships edibles. We'd really new start seeing shit or do trip or what i just saw. I used to smoke a lot. Like when i first moved to la. I started smoking And it'd be like every day it's pretty l. Eighteen tons of people always every the whole world. I was not into it. I didn't want to do. When i was a kid. And then i started out here but it felt great now for some reason like maybe like two years ago It made my body feel weird. Be costly jesse myself home. See like this where my backside kinda curved training jesse myself. I'll be like moving having to drink water if i'm not just drinking water. I haven't for the past month like super hydrated. I like either the cottam out. You feel like i feel like i have a helical oil change in my body and my mind starts racing and then i started thinking about work. And if anyone tackling your mind races instead of slows down any type of no matter. What i've tried you get anxiety on. Its coffee walking around was chilling like relax. I'm like fucking crackdown. So those like matthew you. It's crazy the worst experience. I've had with that. Was it just because last so fucking long. I remember i was in the shower for about three hours. And i was like scrubbing everything like i was like. When was the last time. I actually scrubbed the back of my knee. I'm there for like an hour. And then i was like i really want to write a superhero movie and i was like how do i make real like a new superhero. That's clean like super unique. That i came up with a light. All fog like this guy take something he gets his superpowers he has caused. I come out of his hand. I'm literally acting it out. Then after an hour of this amazing motherfucker wolverine

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