All of the leverage. Why would Jerry Jones say that Because he wants he wants Dak Prescott


They're doing. Jamie's definitely if you're Dak Like, Yeah. Washington What? Jerry Jones has talked the Eagles. Yeah, it means a lot of there is he holds all the cards and I think NFL teams probably realized that that relationship is it fractured, but there's a little crack in there because of how it went down over the last season and a half when they was trying to get a deal done. It didn't happen. They franchise them, and then we know obviously he busted up his ankle on Mrs the whole season. Now he got that franchise tag money still But, I mean, I wonder if Dad is not looking around after the horrendous effort that they put out this season as a team, saying, Maybe there's a greener pasture somewhere that that's a question that we don't know because that is obviously not going to talk about it. He doesn't have to, because he's been injured. He's not been around, but I mean, that Prescott going back to Dallas probably shouldn't be a foregone conclusion. If I am back, Prescott. Here's what I've watched in horror in abject horror, All right. Watch the head coach who allegedly knows what he's doing. All right, not throw a challenge Flag at the most important moment of my season number one. That's

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