A highlight from Super Bowl LV Prop Bets


Tucker nfl. And when i mean we. I don't mean just me. I mean the star of the fantasy. Feast podcast the owner of all he oversees at fantasy points dot com these single best fantasy football information website on planet earth. Joe dolan at f. g. underscore dolan and take this as a comment gel. I don't know why you look like a pro golfer to me today. I think it's the hat. Is there a collared shirt or like zip up. This is this is actually a kings classic fantasy football shirt. But i appreciate that golf. A guy called golf. I appreciate that. Ross if i Dan patrick his radio show a few years ago. Had a question and it was just a caller question just a phone poll in the poll was. If you can be a hall of famer in any sport what would your answer. Be and i do. I do fantasy football for a living. But i sure as hell would pick golf to beat a hall of famer because i mean even if you have a hall of fame golf career in the retire at fifty and don't even go on to play on the champions tour you could still kick your buddies asses for the rest of your life so i mean i mean i feel like that's like ross i. I'm sure you've played some pickup football in your day. But when's the last time you strapped on a shoulder pads and helmet. Don't talk about that joe. It was august twenty fifth. Two thousand seven. You're gonna cry because you're right because once it's over it's over and you can never play again so you're at thousand percent correct. You're going to make me sad. There's only one game left. We got the super bowl on sunday. The only game laughed but at least we have one more left. Joe and i should remind everybody. The next few weeks are going to be incredible. I mean between diving in the best ball diving in the dynasty. Some of the guests that we have lined up. You gotta keep it here on. The fancy piece podcast. If you like dynasty there's dynasty theory and ball blast and all kinds of things. You also need to go to fancy points. Dot com. Use the code fees. But i digress. with this show. It's the super bowl. You can play a single game super bowl. Dfs late at draft gangs on the regular draftkings app. Is there any different advice. I mean you really gotta go yolo on this one. Yeah i've heard people talk about defense special team like you really gotta go crazy to try to have a chance to win this one right. Yeah and i mean like eat. Defense special teams kicker things like that. Maybe somebody who isn't like a sexy name. Like a daryl williams somebody for like your captain spot or something like that. Just try to diversify here. The good news about this game. Ross is obviously with the high total. You expect a lot of points to be scored there in theory. There should be points coming from an unexpected source you know. We saw in the nfc championship game last week. A lot two weeks ago at this point we solve scotty miller score at the end of the first half. Ross was pounding the table on it before the championship games. One of my favorite place for that. We cameron brady got in the end zone. Fortunately because he only three passes so these are the kind of is you're going to have to try to diversify with. Maybe somebody like me cole hartman. Who you know from my perspective. He's kind of replaced. Sammy watkins as the worst good player in the nfl. Because you know he almost changes the entire game with the fumbled the punt and then changes it again as they put the ball back in his hands and he has that long run just a short time after that. So somebody like nicole hardman. These are the kind of guys that you might look to diversify with with your lineups. Now i mean obviously you know brady mahomes. Those guys are going to be chalky travis. Kelsey is going to be a very chalky. Captain on the draft. Kings slate is antonio brown. Going to play. You know somebody like that who people might not have on the forefront of their minds because he hasn't played in a number of weeks so those are the kind of things i'm looking at if i'm building a showdown lineup for the super bowl with the understanding ross. It is hard to cash in a one game slate especially in a game that is going to be playing and everybody has their eyes on. And everybody's been it like like crazy for two weeks you know. What would i mean. You're crazy joe to go with like chad. Haney your blaine gabbert. One of the quarterback gets hurt. You you win. And there is a thought process there. That i mean i. I don't support that thought process but there is a thought process and there are people in the industry who have on these one game. Slates punted quarterback and essentially said. I'm gonna pay for every other good player in this game.

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