New report on Apple’s VR headset: 8K in each eye, potential $3,000 price tag


Myanmar's new military government ordered that local telecoms temporarily blocked facebook owned services in the country from midnight on february third through february seventh claiming that the platform was contributing to instability the digital rights nonprofit access now estimates that there are twenty two million facebook users in the country. A new report by canada's privacy commission found clear view is facial recognition database to be illegal mass surveillance and said sent a letter of intention to the company telling it to cease sevices in the country and delete canadian faces. Clearview has not operated in canada since july due to the investigation and says it will allow canadians to opt out of the database. But we'll challenge the determination in court analyst. Ming she quos on a bit of a roll this week. The latest from quo is word of another lend supplier for the main next gen. Iphone perhaps called the iphone thirteen. That's expected next year and it's camera. Quo says that sunny optical successfully passed apple's approvals process for ipad lenses and are likely to be approved to make the main camera lens for the iphone. Thirteen lineup currently logon eugene. Guang and can cut. Sue supply lenses to lg innotech for incorporation into the camera module so sunny optical would be yet an additional supplier for that lends parlor co founder. John mattes announced. He's been fired. Ceo by the company's board In a statement. Matt said quote. I've met constant resistance to my product. Vision my strong belief in free speech and my view of how the parlor site should be managed. He supposedly proposed expanding automated. Content moderation on the platform as well as a full ban on accounts tied to designated domestic terror organizations the blockchain based service network or b. s. n. backed by the chinese government access an operating system for blockchain program development china's state information center and affiliate to china's top economic reform planner credit card processor union. Pay telecom trying to mobile and beijing based startup called red date. Or all involved in supporting both consortium and public blockchain's this week. Bsn announced it will roll a permission. Diversion of cosmos. Cosmo's that's a network comprised of many independent blockchain's and calls itself the internet of blockchain's so just you'd have no concerns and just jumping on an open block chain from from china winter no tom sawyer. Red flags there. I mean the state information center is part of the deal. I don't know what you'd be worried now all right. Let's talk a little more about that. A little more about the information given some some details on apple's alleged upcoming mixed reality headset sources have more details including a rendering this time of what they say is apple's vr headset. A lot of the details are similar to what we heard from mark gurman of bloomberg earlier last month It's expected to use fabric. Mesh run on an apple design chip cost a lot. Although we've got a number as much as three thousand dollars the headset may have more than a dozen cameras for hand. Tracking lied are sensors for room. Mapping and a are affects dual eight k displays and i tracking to save battery life. The information sources says apple would use aided rendering. that's when you only render in full resolution. What your eyes are looking at everything. In the periphery can be a little lower sources. Say apple has not finalized input control but the options. They're considering are a combination of hand tracking i tracking a dial on the headset or something. They call a thimble like accessory. Oh boy well the thing that jumped out to me. I because we have talked about this before. This rumor has been swirling. I mean really for years but it seems to be more of a reality than ever. Is that three thousand dollar price points now again. It's a rumor and yes. Apple tends to make things that are similar to other products that are more expensive and then says but it's apple so you know we can do that sort of thing. Three thousand dollars. Oh my goodness Compare that to oculus to for three hundred dollars. That's a crazy price point. I don't know how the company could get away with such a thing.

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