SAG Award Nominations 2021: ‘The Crown’ Dominates TV


SAG awards nominations are coming in as we speak. Saggy wagon. Fag Don't like the word sag. Yeah, it's generally a negative connotation, but For actors. It's a good one. These air tip typically held. Yeah. Usually in Hollywood. That would be frowned upon s. So they're typically held in January. 50 back to April 4th and the ceremony's gonna air on TNT and TBS. That's a good way to miss it. What? Five o'clock in the afternoon, Right? Here's a good one. Um The Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for best actress in a drama Syriza's The nominees are Listen to this. Gillian Anderson. The crown Olivia Colman. Yes, the crown? Yes. Emma Corrine. The crown. Julia Garner. Those are sure Laura Linney. Those are sure. Five nominations to shows represented the crown. The crown the crown Ozark, Ozark. What's up with that idea?

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