Early signing day: Latest on the nation's top 25 college football recruits

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It's signing day part one in college football with the early signing period. now which. I'm sure coaches love because they championship games and bowl games. All that other stuff. It is obviously been a very busy time for the uc coaching staff. And a big reason why is putting together a twenty three players signing class or recruiting class. I should say for the the class of two thousand and twenty one during the early signing period we are obviously huge fans of bear journal. Dot com chad. Brendel comes on this show all the time. He'll be with us tomorrow at three forty five but because it is sunday i wanted to bring in brent young who also covers. Uc's sports and pretty heavy recruiting emphasis for bearcat journal dot com. He is on twitter at. Excuse me at be young sports and He's with us this afternoon. I appreciate the time. What should i what what stands out most about this. This particular group of players the bearcats have inked You know what really stands out to me. The most i often travel on. It's just kind of the debt that that numerous positions the the high level of talent. It might not have the the top players like you know. You have last year with with prater and jean thomas and jane thompson. The four stars really really kind of flooding the top of the list. But what was really shown and this one is just the death and the amount of talent that they're able to bring in not really clear that you would expect kind of just be headliners for each class but just the amount of players that are highly rated at each physician. You're going to have numerous players. They're going to have big impact next year special teams but more further down the line right. Give me one or two players. That if i look at this bunch and i'm trying to find a kid who's gonna make an immediate impact year one or two stands out. You don't have to go with i. Brian threats i think first off. He's one of the seven early enroll. East coming in is going to be a player out of you. Know w kaufmann there and the clubs. They're gonna come in and be a player that wants to get on the field no matter what so. You're going to see him on special teams quite a lot. You're going to see him trying really find his role on the defensive side. You know obviously defense is going to have a humorous players that are going to have to be funneled out and figured out who's going to be replacing all the seniors that are currently on the roster. So yeah i think threats comes in. He has a knack for the ball defensively. He has the ability to make big plays. You know you play offense as well as the high school level but really defensively special teams where. I'm expecting him to kind of have almost an immediate impact and then outside of that You know give me. Give me an office alive because it seems. Recently we have causes there possibly had numerous true freshman. Kind break that that that you know. Talk to on the depth chart. And i think that you look at a player like luke collins where who could step in at the tackle position is one of the better fruits that program history for the bearcats. And i think he's gonna have a chance to really kinda shy know now. Land is gonna have a chance to really shine but and then of course you look at the depth as i've constantly mentioned it's going to be hard for some of these players really crack the rotation because now you see we've been able to turn you know one as one bs and constant we have players available at each position. So really specialties. Would be the place to watch out for. Maybe i'd a toxic to watch out for who could have an impact on kickoff teams kickoff return team things of that sort. There are seven kids from the greater cincinnati area around up the kids from from From from from this class from the greater cincinnati area. yeah. I talked about Gmc defensive player of the year. It of seems like that's been that the bearcats have been able to do is bring in big time defensive players from the great cincinnati area and that first off. He has a fantastic a phenomenal nickname. And it's the godfather dante. I mean better. Carry that with him and he'd better have it all the way throughout his playing career. Whether it is in the nfl anywhere he goes. Dante corleones the godfather of course from rain high school. He's going to be a cog in the middle. You shake his hand and he just completely engulfs your hand. It makes you feel small just a bowling ball of a player. And he kinda of exact situation as i say of the death i mean. He's he's the second lowest rated player in this entire recruiting class. But you've accused. Gmc defensive player of the year. you get sacks. he's going to be a big shopper. Upfront i mean forced. You gotta mentioned the land fickle. That really great story about him is is of course he. He sat down at the dinner table with his father. And he said you know data. I think i'm gonna be a bearcat and and we've said no. I don't accept that i need a little bit more. You know force behind that. And that's you know he said okay came back days later and i'm sure he fought as much force as possible and You know land is going to be a player. That i think is surprised. Because he's got the talent that his dad has of leeward hours another great flare out of princeton. I mean you just keep on going up and down the list and then of course you know you got ice. Jarman is a good outside player. And i already talked about mouth glenn. This is just going to be another one of those. The state of cincinnati is what they call it and and keeping hometown heroes around the greater cincinnati area. They're all gonna big impact on the team. All right look. I'm not gonna ask you to be an expert on every recruiting class in the country but there are folks at twenty. Four seven are relentless. Put this class up against other competitors in the put this class up against their competitors among a group of five schools. And then tell me where would stack up or how would stack up to even some of the schools that we frequently talk about them. Trying to recruit among power five schools. Right you know first off forty second in the country. You might know that at that and think okay. That seems like a high number but you break it down. This is pop. G five recruiting class top class in the afc. You know an average of eighty five point one that is second behind what last year. The eighty five point three Just just the amount of average ratings throughout the entire class you know the groups that break higher than what auburn has brought in this year. What virginia tech has brought in what you know an iowa state who is magically better than the bearcats in the college football playoff hole which. I'm sure you've completely broke down but higher than in iowa state hires than a ucla arizona state tcu. So you know there was about twenty power five twenty to twenty five power. Five software says up bearcats actually had a higher national rank. Nance so you're looking at you. Know one of the best britain the best group of five but one of the better entire classes and the and the nation he look at next year. Obviously a really early start but this is a fantastic roof. And they're going to be you know like i said it's going to be a couple years down the line. You're gonna start calling out these players by name and say wow. This is a big time player from that twenty. Twenty one

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