Maleah Davis stepfather Derion Vence held on $1 million bond in girl's disappearance, Houston



27 year old dairy invents was the mother's boyfriend and the last to see the girl alive in May of 2019 grand jury indicted Vince but tampering with evidence in the death of four year old million Davis. He's also charged with injury to a child causing serious bottling injury. Part of bond conditions. The state requested that he had no contact with Bernie Bowen's the mother of Million Davis or any member of the Davis family, Miss Wells, any child under the age of 17. They requested he submit to random drug testing and wear a GPS monitor. The defense argued that wearing a monitor was quote overkill, but the judge allowed it. That's Channel two's Britney Jeffers reporting. Malia Davis's remains were found four weeks later. Next door highway in Arkansas. Ktrh news time It's 203. Now, Microsoft says. It's a red alert. Microsoft is sounding the alarm

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