A highlight from Master the Art and Skill of Maximizing Opportunities w/Jermane Cheathem


All right we are live. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it is bryant as arnaud here and new frontier jemaine blasting right cheat them. Is that right. Are we doing that right. You got it all right. And he is here. He says to help us. Learn the art of maximizing opportunities start and skill of -tunities is that right sir. You got that right. yeah. I can't wait to see what this is about. But we shall see how he can help us today on this episode of the authority project. Alright ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast your eyes in tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video podcast dream. Don facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talk to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field. And how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience attracting clients to your own business now without further ado. let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold are. We are back for another episode. W thirty projects this is. Brian filed in. You are the project and we want to slap a to your name so you can sell more what. You're great at an all the way from malaysia onto the virtual stage. Today we have germane keenum and he's going to do some incredible things about hypnotise maximize opportunities because we know opportunities come and they go so how do we maximize it higher. You doing today sir. i'm great man. I love the theme music. Sure got me going. That's good good good. I'm glad it's morning when the wake you up there. 'cause he energize you go into this morning. So let's let's get right into it before we dive into this. This this tell people who are personally and professionally. Yes so i'm kind of a digital i. Guess I didn't plan on being this but i travel around the world. I'm an entrepreneur. I run a business back in the states. But i can do it. Digitally from a laptop in I kind of ended up here in malaysia disco bidden traveling around the world and didn't really want to go back to the states just because they seem to be handling things well as other parts of the world sobel. That's why i'm here but Yeah as far as the minimalism in the maximizing opportunities to kinda funny because what. I've noticed quite a bit with entrepreneurs business people sales people in general is they don't understand how important focuses in how important using leverage. When you have focused makes your life a hundredfold easier and you actually get results versus just spinning your wheel. so that's kind of. The premise of maximizing opportunities is using leverage and focus. I love it so that's great. So tell us what your current product is that you're working on at the moment yes. The current project is creators. learn Dot com which is basically. I don't believe in anything. Besides two types of people see black and white or male and female or democrat republican any of that a c. creators and i see victims. That's it so you get decide which side of the fence you wanna be on. Until i have created a platform opportunities for people that consider themselves creators to learn my business model and they can emulate model it and take the blueprint and run with it and hopefully live the type of lifestyle. I live where. I make as much money as as i want. I live in. Spend as much time on work as i want. I have all the free time in the world. I mean probably ninety percent of my days. Free time i've gone walks. I go to the beat the beaches right here. I go swimming whatever the hell at one. So that's my real goal is to make sure people that want to be creators. Create your own future habits opportunity to emulate what i did have that man. That's great stuff so we got the imagery. There must be nice man beach kurt than the way. It's so funny because my next my neck's big question is probably gave us was. What is your daily routine. Routine is whatever you want to do this. Is that how it works. You oma daily routine is really structure. My date to work for me. Not based on what my clients want or what anyone else in the world wants. I decide how the day is structured. So get up around four thirty or five on some meditations. I go i go workout. Lift some weights. Maybe i'll go for a swim before the sunrises usually watch the sunrise right out here and then i do a little works. I kind of time. Lock my days depending on what i have going on. But i'll time block like an hour anderson emails making phone calls. I need to make back in the states In there it's like gonna walk to starbucks about a three hour walk. Think about lives. Think about ideas to cool walk through the forest with the ocean there on the left hand side and then go to the golf range of pit. Some golf balls. I play tennis in the afternoon. Sometimes i go to the mall. I go check out a movie and just kind of whatever. I really wanna do But my days pretty free. That's the way i wanted the structure. That's why designed it. This way in engineer this way. So i have freedom to not be a slave to my job. Would 'cause i use leverage in minimalism and simplicity make it easy so modest chasing everything in chasing responding responding. I don't do that. I designed my life so this is great people. 'cause most people will get into the point where you have to work hard in this the some imagery about working hard and in

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