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Saddam and welcome to another team To you by the muslim vibe as always i'm your host and qassem And on this week's podcast. I'm joined by dr shake joa shamali. We've had a few times before. All the episodes is built have been really really fascinating. Listens and some of the most listen to episodes. Actually that we've ever done so on this week's podcast We're talking so we start by talking about. A book called surrender experiment which i was reading and we had a few of line conversations about and i said you know. Let's let's talk about on the podcast. And then we kind of went onto discuss islamic spirituality in the kind of mainstream rome and where it's letting us down as a community and why on the kind of white doesn't have the same mass appeal that these other books like this render experiment to have surrender experiment by the way is a really fascinating. Read highly recommended i had an audible. I was listening to audible. And i think it's a michael singer who's the author who actually read out as well but it's a fascinating journey. Really interesting concept definitely recommended on my side. Obviously we discussed on the podcast that orbit and yes. I've been told by the way by my team. By team. by the team. I rambled too much. Dina the podcast. I'm trying to keep it really brief and succinct one. Half minutes isn't bad. Here is my conversation with Dr jawara shomali saddam's saddam. Sally rank you very much for for joining us again on the podcast That appearance now. And i feel like we've covered quite of ground in the past But there's always more that we can talk about and we've always wanted to and i think for context how this kind of came about was the last time you were on. We were talking about Changing habits as a means to get closer to got into find god and we. We spoke about a variety of things. I think the where we started from was The power of now. No the power of now it was. How hormone the name of the book. The power of habits the power of habit. Yes charles doug it something like that. Remember his name That's where we started. Yeah and then. The conversation went on some winding routes incredible discussion wind blowing beautiful discussion. If you haven't heard the podcasts do check it out. i'll put the link in the description. But what i said to you after that. Actually i sent you a voice. No 'cause i started listening to a book that you mentioned on that podcast. I believe if not then someone mentioned it to me afterwards. cold I'm really blanking. Names of surrender experimental surrender experiment By michael a singer. And what i said to you was when i finished this book. It will be great to sit down and like any time i do. One of these read one of these self development personal growth books. Yeah it will be good to sit down with yourself. Because i think you've covered off why you've read one of them but you have seems have enough time and to kind of have a conversation and i guess i guess start with the concept and the notions within the book and then use that as a leapfrog into just where it goes. Yeah and ironically with this one. We'll talk about surrender at the beginning. But when i tried to sit down with you and discuss what we're going to talk about you just gave me nothing and said just surrender and we'll see where it goes So i think let's start with the book and the notion of render so so i guess for people that haven't come across it it's it's quite a fascinating book. I think in terms of. It's almost like an autobiography Like a very introspective autobiography of of micro housing Is is big on yoga and rich rotting through that means but he started out on the journey by kind of the appreciating the fact that his in a his thoughts that run through his head in the narrative in his head not necessarily him And that's just a part of him that he can detach froman and whatever else And then he started learning how to silence his mind. And then the journey took him to kind of surrendering to whatever life was put in front of him. Yeah and it led him down a a remarkable road. I mean as the book went on. I was like okay. This is getting a bit more and more farfetched. Yeah until you get to the. I don't want to ruin the his his story in his journey. Yeah but it's it's quite crazy. And i i was thinking throughout and i guess i'll start with this question. I was thinking throughout. You know whether. It's just a coincidence. That someone who has this kind of approach to life of surrendering went on to have a remarkable and an enormous crazy life in that sense. Or if that's actually part of surrender Very tuition despite of or because of yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. It's a very fascinating book. And it's been received really well of course. This wasn't his first book. He had the untethered soul which is another amazing book and really recommend it to people who are going through anxiety or basically anyone who wants to have a better life but this one was very interesting he basically as you said mentions the story of his life and how this one simple practice of surrender basically changed the course of his life and i think the way he puts it in the book and we can discuss whether we agree or not is that it was actually because of surrender that everything happened to him. And what was your personal like. Take on like when you were listening. Could you relate to it or or coffee machine something to say. I think i love your coffee machine. Even last time we to participate and i really feel good like if people don't want to listen to me at least the coffee machine. Yeah yeah yeah. We'll wait for it to stop I think hopefully done So in terms of. I guess what when i'm reading these listening to these books. I'm i'm trying to see if i can resonate with the narrative

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