And the winner of 'The Voice' Season 19 is…

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Blake versus the winner of the voice. Is he just has god given gift and he knows it and he sort of just it's just easy for him really probably him really blown away by his talent. Came and finally one carter rubin who is only fifteen years old by the way one the voice last night gwen beat out. Her fiance blake shelton for her first win. In five seasons as a coach laking are also kicking off. Our pop of love turns out. Lakes proposal could have been a disaster on the bobby bones show. He admitted he did something with wins engagement ring. That made him a little bit nervous. The scariest thing was. I had that ring in the The compartment on door of my truck for about a week. And i don't know about you but stuff all down of that damn thing my all the time. I wanted to keep it in there all the time. 'cause i didn't have the exact route moment but thank god. I didn't lose the ring i mean. What would you do if your partner proposed without a ring because they lost it. I'm just going to let you answer that justin. I love you so much. But i lost you ring. I mean that would be a cute story to tell on the way to go get another ring. Yeah so we would be going to share it at the same time. I'd be hearing about this for myself. I feel like in my thirties. I have turned into a whole different person like the things that they used to need. When i was in my twenty s like eight carat emerald cut with two side. Diamonds have now turned into four carrots. And something cute. Like i don't

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