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I looked at gio. Parents always have the whose turn is it. But then i'm like am quarantine how that's when you're a kid is so easy to shit standing up because even if i wanted to see shit here be impossible to start pissing roundly holly psychological though. If i need a shit my phone died. I can hold it until i charge you enough. And then i could take my. That's like the peaceful shit. It hurts though when you have to really go and in your holding it shooting without affonso heart program. Now that's true. Because sometimes i'll rush and i'm like i gotta wait my phone. I gotta get back okay. So yeah it's so weird. Like i'm so nice where i don't bother you one so say we're on a road trip. I'll just hold my pin on die. And then i'm like i don't wanna say i grew up where i'm like. Can you pull over the no like. Just hold it right there. Your parents always like that everything right. And you're like dying but now we're at and then i remember i was on the road trip from I went to tahoe and then wrong. The karmic our just dying. And then my brother was like He wasn't passenger seat to my friend. Who's you pull guys. And i'm like no for a human bodily function just because you're going to die kind of messed up. I think that when your kid though they tell you know because they get annoyed at how many times you've gotta stop really dude. What when you're traveling in a van full of kids you. You're stopping like every thirty minutes. Because everyone's they got a goal on different cycles to yet and they don't fucking go when you stop because they get distracted they start like chasing a dog or some embarrassed camp e yeah i remember not being able to pay off like i needed to and then plover will go on the road and like kind of doesn't tomac that then. Didn't you pay him bottles. I used to embody like you're being a bottle. I've a recently had traffic. And i was like couldn't pull over and i was just like i put my fucking on my hoodie over my dick an empty bottle on fed it through. It wasn't like through but that's more how to squeeze around. I like just like a whole on thing in the finish. Close it on the side and then like so just because do one bottle when if you needed a pe. That bad was fine. You can stop. Not me. I didn't stop if i needed to. I would have got another of the bottle all stopping midstream. Hardison hurts when you really got a goal and you stop midstream. It hurts like showed area or the detained area. That's just destructive man. What's funny is we taught taika to clean his dick with the To ship after he's done so that's now he knows when he asked appea- he i find his step because he can't reach the toilet so if you ask the p. He runs all over the house looking for step. All finds this step he put. Don't they leave it there because he to do other shit also ten. We'll leave it at the toilet. But he uses it to climb on the pool table. Whatever so you take this step. He pauses underwear down and then he ps and when he's done you knows how to take the toilet. Paper dab is dick a little bit and he throws it any flushes it so the other day i was being and he just decided to hang out with me. So he's looking at me. And i didn't have my dick's goes because you got to wipe out do know you afford. He puts the toilet and then even prizes. The knowledge is not take

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