Could Kellen Moore's Days in Dallas Be Numbered?


I'm not worried about Palin's preparation. No, I think you know he did an excellent week last week and what he called a next one game, so The boys of ST Situation. I really don't have anything else to anything else. Dad, Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy having to answer questions yesterday about the possibility that his offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, Could be on the move, leaving the team after the season is over to take the job and Boise State. Good morning from R W B. A. P s forces come see them more probably saw himself as a head coach One day he just didn't know when. But when Brian harsh and left to take the job in Auburn last week left Boise Moore's name popped up. He may end up back in Idaho. But for the time being, he's trying to come up with a game plan that he hopes will work this Sunday and leading Dallas

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