A highlight from 2020 Week 17 (Part 2)


Feast joe let's get to the seahawks and the niners jeff wilson going to win some people some. Dfs money oh. Jeff wilson one people. Dfs money this week. He won the fantasy championship. I'm sure he won. Multiple people my fantasy championship that he won knee. Ross was actually in a thirty five round. Best ball draft when he was like my thirty second round. Pick where you're just drafting guys that you might have heard of. And jeff wilson has been incredible for me in that league and that was a big time. Big money drafts. At least got something. I forgetting cameron in my other leagues. But yeah he's he's a downhill aggressive runner. Just somebody who. He's fun to watch. He's no frills but he is going to continue to win. People money for dfs This is a big game for seattle. Obviously know seattle is a is still in the mix believe it or not for the number one overall seed in the nfc so seattle has all the incentive to in the world of blake here. It was disappointing for san francisco in that game against arizona which was a game that was with the exception of jeff. Wilson was exceptionally disappointing for fantasy purposes. brandon i. You catch one pass. That guy's been going nuts. George kittle is viable in your dfs lineups right now. There's a look. He comes back and he looks like himself that was great to see c. J. beathard's a little bit more of an aggressive thrower. I think the nick mullins but the heartbeat of this offense is absolutely going to be. Jeffrey wilson As they take on seattle seahawks meanwhile for seattle they still have a chance theoretically at the number one seed. I don't think that's going to happen. But they have that janet. So i think they're gonna play it that way right for sure. I mean look. Seattle can win the number one seed here if they if they green bay and new they win in green bay and new orleans loose so you know like maybe a fifteen percent chance. But they're gonna play it. Let like law. they're gonna play it straight. They want to win this game. Problem is the offense has been awful late. russell wilson. After he was cooking early in the season. Ross he has i mean. It's like pulling teeth rate now. Russell wilson has thrown for multiple touchdowns in just two of his last seven games after he opened the season by doing it in all seven games. So i don't know what's going on with this passing game is there. Something is russell. Wilson dinged up. Is there something wrong here. But the passing game has not worked out for them. They do have to play this game straight though. And i wonder fussell wilson might be a little bit of a contrarian play knowing that every body realizes his numbers have been awful late by russell. Wilson standards decay. Metcalf tyler. it's been kind of a zero but decay metcalf at the top matchup jalen ramsey last week. He's not going to draw. That's off a matchup this week. I wonder potentially he goes off The other game the talk about is the cardinals. And the rams we might be having to no names that quarterback. Should you put one of these guys in your lineup. John wolford all right art ross. A little bit. let's wait some trivia. Oria john wolford will. The second quarterback from wake forest started game this year. Can you name the other kendall hen there. Oh i thought i was going to get. Yeah yeah kendall into the other one. Yeah so john wolford. he's undersized but he was productive at wake forest fast but he like four eight guy but he scrambling was a part of his game in college. That ran for sixteen touchdowns so maybe he runs round out there and makes plays the problem is they're going to be short handed in the backfield cam. Akers can't play darrell. Henderson had a high ankle sprain. he's injured. He's not gonna play. It could be malcolm brown and xavier jones. The running back at smu via the utsa. So the rams might be out there. It might look like the resting their starters but they're not. They got a win by the way they are they are. It's very dicey for the rams to make the playoffs at this stage so a very very Potential look they gotta win and if they win or chicago loses. They're in the playoffs. But both of those situations up in the air right now for the rams and john wolford is gonna have to go out there. I would think they want him to take care of the football. Run the ball. Throw the ball to cooper kupp across the middle and and take do not turn the ball over because the football over is going to be one right way they can lose this game. Both teams have every incentive to play this game as aggressively as they want and

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