One more gye. Podcast bend now. You have that cost out and started listening. I took my microphone. Found some human then. I recalled it all the noises. While i name as at buxton i want you to enjoy. That's the hey how you doing podcasts. At of buxton here well what a difference one week makes this time. Last week i was stumping through thick snow out here in the east anglian countryside for i take my walks and record my intros for the podcast and of course. Usually i'm accompanied by my best friend. Rosie olympic poodle crossed last week. She was not with me because she wasn't well. She had a mysterious reaction to what we don't know what was wrong with her but she wasn't eating and she spent the following week refusing to eat going in and out of the vet. They were unable to find anything obviously wrong with her but she just didn't wanna eat. Who's very distraught ning. Eventually we just had to take back in to the vet and they put her on a drip while they continued testing to see what was up and they just one able to find anything definitive tool so it remains a bit of a mystery. But i'm glad to say that she is now eating and had to put a tube down her. Oh dear i mean poor dog. The tube was to feed her food right to get something into her stomach to get some nutrition in the and that seemed to successfully kick start the impulse for her to want to eat but she came back from the vet with all these patches of for missing from where they had to shave her and attach drips and test things. Poor dog she looks as if she's being scrapping with some very violent rapids and she's all a bit discombobulated still and though she is eating her tummy as sensitive listening. I'm giving you too much info here. i know that a lot of you would want to know. She is okay. And i'm glad to say that she does seem to be. And she's up the head as i speak didn't know if she was gonna come actually. She seems zonked this afternoon but she is with my daughter on a really beautiful balmy often one of those kinds of february days that seems to suggest that spring is on. Its way now. I'm not going to be that easily fooled. I've had that before and you think springtime. I'm going get my shorts out and then a week later. It's absolutely freezing again. But still i'm not complaining now. Let me tell you about my guest for podcast number. One hundred and forty nine. My dosa is standing with a hands on her looking at me like this is not a good father daughter walk. Were just talking into a recorder. Feel stupid podcast. Is that what you're thinking all right ten minutes. So podcast number one hundred and forty-nine which features irish singer songwriter producer and director roseanne murphy rushing facts rushing currently aged forty seven grew up on the east coast of ireland then moved to england with her family in the mid. One thousand nine hundred eighty s off to a few years. Living and studying in manchester roggin moved down the road to sheffield where she met musician. Mark brydon whom. She started a romantic relationship and band. Maloka originally considered to be part of the trip hop music scene in the second. Half of the nineteenth. The band found wider commercial appeal in nineteen ninety nine when a house remix of maloka track. Sing it back. By german producer borstal gosh propelled the band to number four in the uk charts year. Later in two thousand. They enjoyed the biggest hit of their career with the song. The time is now roy. Sheen mark parted ways off to the release of their two thousand and three albums statues and two years later in two thousand and five row released her debut solo album baby blue made with experimental british producer. Matthew herbert a further four rushing murphy albums and number of epa's made with a variety of producers have followed since then and her latest row sheen machine released last year. Twenty twenty winning lee showcase her gift for combining electronic experimentalism with an appreciation for a floor filling dance anthems aesthetic and it talked a number of snobby music critic and polls which is the main thing with the covert pandemic making it impossible to promote russian machine with the usual live concerts roshan who has directed her own excellent music videos. Since two thousand fifteen threw herself into delivering brilliantly visual virtual performances of hits and new tracks at a number of online events last year. You will find links to some of those in the description might conversation with row. Sheen was recorded remotely towards the beginning of this month february. Twenty twenty one with me in norfolk and row sheen in a beatha or a pizza to use the proper pronunciation where she and her two children long with Italian music producer. Romantic partner got stuck when lockdown three kicked in as well as talking with row sheen about hotel room destruction. Growing up an island My bad irish accent and how to avoid giving offense by mispronouncing irish names. You will here at the end of our conversation. The results of a remote musical collab- between myself and sheen. She had indicated before we spoke that she would be up for providing some mainly spoken vocals for one of my jingles so taking advantage of the offer. I found a nice bit of library music and we got collapsing back at the end for a tiny bit more waffle. But right now with roshan murphy. Here we go from author. Don't

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