Democracy As We Know It

The Experiment


The life of maryland newkirk and on november six twenty twenty after a long battle with cancer. She was fifty six. She survived by her husband three siblings and three kids including her son van. Who's a senior editor at the atlantic. I'm a mom's oldest child. I am required under law to only speak good things when a life comes to an end we the ones who are left behind. We're left with a story a really a bunch of different stories like for van. There were small stories about the way. His mom looked really playing a tie or what she cared about. Walden your church. How she treated people who was an incredibly patient what she struggled with the stress rising off her but he but when van took a minute to pull back to really zoom out on the time line of his mom's life he could see this bigger story about the country. She lived in one of the things. I like to think about is the fact that when she was born it was by no means guaranteed that she would be granted the right to vote and that right to vote would be protected looking back on her life ban sees a story about democracy and it's different than the one he was taught so i was always taught that america was founded explicitly as democracy. You know you go to school. And you're taught that this was the biggest hit in global democracy since the athenians but really to me. I have been more and more convinced that the only true phase of what might even be somewhat called. Democracy in america has been america's voting writer and my mother has seen every single day van says contrary to what you might have been told real. Democracy in america hasn't been here that long. It's only been here for fifty six years this week. Van newkirk tells the short story of democracy by taking us through the life of the woman who saw the whole thing his mom. I'm julie longoria this experiment. A show about our unfinished country as van tells it his mom was born just one year before our democracy started a mother was born in sixty four. I understand that family. Storytelling often embellished. So you have to work a little bit too well. I've not yet gotten the fact checkers on some of this. But as the story goes a mother was born in greenwood mississippi. She went home in a cardboard box. That is the legend. I believe it's probably one of those. Cardboard bassin has which not that uncommon. But yeah you know they were poor and on the way home you know drove pass headquarters of civil rights organizations staging freedom summer but that's also will be known as the summer of civil rights because of the mississippi freedom summer project it was one of the main flashpoints in the civil rights movement and there were staging it out of headquarters in greenwood mississippi where she was born dan. He say what you want. I say i wanna reddish the vote. A lot of what they were trying to do was to register black people to vote to send into mississippi that stomach upwards of one thousand teachers ministers lawyers and students from all around the country and they did that in part by bringing lots and lots of volunteers. Lots and lots of white volunteers around the country to come down to mississippi. I hope we can reach the lives as many people as possible in idealistic the constitution the bill of rights. And i think it's important for everybody to have these every was met with incredible amounts of violence so about two three weeks after that. My house was five close. Been tony one of rise. Black little beaming. They should expect possibly somebody. She was born in the middle of all this. You know a time. When greenwood was a very contentious place to live for

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