Temperatures to rise this week in Seattle area along with potential for flooding; lowland rain expected after snow blankets region


Is snow has been followed by rain and co Most character hostage has been across what Kim County talked to business owners, including Hallie Pernet of Sweet Bellingham, and reports on how things are looking. Their main arterials around town are clear. But still wet and some areas have that pooling water. Of course, those side streets, those still slushy and wet melting snow has allowed businesses in the fair haven neighborhood to re open. Snow forced them to shatter over the weekend. We all woke up Saturday morning thinking you're going to come to work for one of the busiest weekends of the year, and none of us could even get out of our driveways, Of course, that Valentine's Day when you can have a big one for bakeries across our region. Now, business has told me that folks are back out and about That hasn't helped to make up for some of those weekend losses and these higher temperatures, upper thirties and low forties or expected to last throughout the week. Road Cruiser in Stockholm ish county's still plowing snow, But they warn that melting snow could be the next challenge. Jim Parker with County public works, says residents can help prevent urban flooding look and make sure that their their dreams are open. That the water is able to drain is not plugged up with snow or debris that will certainly help get the water off of the road more quickly, he says. For now, Cruz is still plowing, sanding and de icing, snowy, icy roads. No more news

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