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Welcome in to another gun. Talk hunt i'm your host k j Most of the people know me by caja funny. How long these like moniker. Stick with you and it's just. That's who i am. I'm jay this gun. Talk hunt we are brought to you by the good folks of. At an and that's the future of optics and today's today's gun talk hunt we're going to be talking about Going full circle On hunting and and a lotta you know what that means but For our next guest it means something a little bit more And joining me today from lift season by the way i am wearing a lipsius hat Is mr brett frei brett. How you doing. I'm doing great. How are you today. i'm doing good. I can't complain it's it's a beautiful day A little rainy. But i'll take it We need rain Just don't want it to hang colin or it's gonna rise. The creeks are rising around here. so we launched out a few weeks ago. are your article On called full circle And this article. I've actually been sitting on it quite a while. probably longer than i should Because it such a good piece of written by you kinda give a rundown of it and then we'll just dive right into just talking about hunting. yeah so I wrote the article. It's about when my son. Douglas killed his first. Whitetail is been It was october of twenty twenty twenty so think about when that was just a little over a year ago. that he that he Shot that deer and just going back through my memories of my first white tail with my dad and Really a pretty a pretty special a very special moment and in my life and Douglas my son is named after my father who who passed away when i was eighteen. And he's a he's a special special kid and it was a great memory and it's it man those first hans are are something else. The first dear i think is big enough kids life And it's not necessarily. I don't know it's not it for them it. It's seems like a even bigger step for my son. It was a massive step. And i'm sure for douglas. It was too. Yeah he and i He's my side kick He he comes with me everywhere now. I i don't hunt very much by myself anymore because i just really love having him with me I want it's fun to watch him. Experience everything it's it's really like reliving all these moments again through him So he's been you know. I took him on his first dot com when he was four Obviously he didn't have his own gun then but he but he came and sat in the blind and You know he's still talks about that. That hunt today. He's he's nine now And he's been on lots of hunts but We had started deer hunting I i would have him tagging along with me. I think he came. Its first year when he was six and then. I started letting him you know. Carry a gun. He's he's muslim and is super uber. Interested in being outside in hunting in animals and shooting And you know. I'm i'm very involved in in guns and shooting so Just lying around it. His his whole life And is i mean. I would put him up against A lot of adults as far as being safe and knowing how to handle a gun and knowing what to do so he had been hunting for you know. I think that was his second year of deer hunting. And we have on a lot of hunts and A lot of unsuccessful hunt hadn't seen a whole lot of deer and We were actually hunting with my father in law on that hunt Where he killed his first and It was just a combination of a lot of hunts together. And being there and hunting with my father-in-law it it meant a whole a whole heck of a lot man. I bet especially after like sand not a lot of deer. Because i know even me as an adult if i go out a couple times and i don't see anything i'm kinda like i started. I started to check out. Honestly in for a kid to have that much fortitude to sit there and muscle through it power to him man. Yeah he is pretty unique in that way. You know i can take him hunting. And we'll we'll sit in a deer stand for three hours and when we go to leave. He's upset because we have to leave. Yeah he he loves to hunt. I you know. He reminds me a lot of me when off the kid. 'cause i really loved to hunt if you ask anybody who knew me when i was a kid. That's all i thought about all i wanted to do and He definitely got that that passed onto a loves the dot com and he loves to loves to turkey hunt and that's his friends at school they all know douglas's the As hunting hunting kid 'cause he goes to he goes to school when he brings pictures of what he killed and He makes animal noises. People people know him for that. That's a good thing to be known as i mean. He ain't known as a stinky kid. I mean i know that's good. I'm proud of wreck. Yeah i would be too. You know. I mean one of these as these girls are gonna start taking notice that kind of thing so you better watch out. Yeah so so brett it was your Was your dad uber into the outdoors. And and did you kind of did you kind of carry that passion forward. Yeah you know. My dad is me the hunting I wouldn't say that. My

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