Yesterday, My daughter's asked if they could take a trip with some friends


Original flight back was supposed to be on Saturday or Sunday this weekend. So he was going to spend the weekend in Cancun before all this pressure started to build, and I know you heard the other part about his little Weekend trip or whatever. It was supposed to be about what he left behind. Well, yeah, I saw this story in New York magazine where, and I didn't think this was fair. Actually, they're like Ted Cruz left the family poodle behind. No. Oh, my God. He left the dog to be frozen in the house, and there's no power that he left the dog. But there's somebody there watching the dog. The headline made it look like they just ditching the dog freeze to death. There was like a security guard guarding the house and taking care of the dog. Well, they were gone, but isn't the power out? I don't know if the power's out or back on in his house. I don't know what the situation

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