Your smartwatch could detect COVID

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Your apple watch or your fit bit or samsung galaxy. Watch or other wearable device and tracker could eventually signal whether you've been infected with covid nineteen or other illnesses such as the flu. Most of the research studies underway suggests that a few days before a person would test positive for the coronavirus their heart rate or activity level. Changes enough to suggest your about to do so. Now you probably know this most of our listeners. Probably know this but where will just the apple watch and samsung galaxy. Smartwatch fitbit and other devices already collect information such as heart oxygen data as well asleep and activity levels so researchers at mount sinai hospital in new york and at stanford university's healthcare innovation lab. And there's more places like the scripps research translation institute in la hoya california and in the universities like university of washington purdue are all at various stages of research looking into this and fitbit is actually also working with the department of defense. The department of veteran affairs at nasa on covid nineteen detection. So there's a lot of interest here but the findings aren't foolproof. Because could be false positives and things like that. But at stanford eighty one percent of the thirty two patients who became infected with covid nineteen had changes in heart rates. Time spent sleeping and daily steps that they've taken the researchers wrote in a publication. They put out in a journal called nature biomedical engineering now. Most of the covid nineteen patients there about sixty three percent had changes that could have led to early detection before the onset of symptoms. They found researcher. N- probably not ever going to be able to tell you definitively that you will develop covid nineteen based on the variations in your heartbeat. Or how much sleep you got. How much activity level you've had and how that's changed. However if there's a way to give you a heads up to get a test and perhaps quarantine that could potentially prevent the spread of covid nineteen or other illnesses to other people including your family friends and coworkers so this research is ongoing to the studies are looking for more participants. The links are in my story on ticked usa today dot com. And this is a topic. I'm sure we'll be covering in the weeks and months

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