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Let's turn over now to acts chapter two and we're going to look at what god says about the church and the purpose of it says of those for century believers. This is after the pentecostal happened. In three thousand people believed and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and the breaking of bread and prayers in fear came upon every soul many signs and wonders. We're done to the apostles now. All who believe were together and had all things in common and they sold their possessions and goods and divided them among all as anyone had knee so continuing daily with gordon. The temple and breaking bread from house to house. They ate their food with gladness and simplicity apart praising god and having favor with all the people and the lord added to the church daily those that were being saved. We'll stop there. This church was healthy. In fact you could sum it up in this acronym. Well they were well. W e l l w for they were a worshiping church e for they were an evangelistic church. L. number one. They were a learning church and all number two. They were a loving church. They were well. Worshiping evangelistic learning than loving. Let's start with that first. Principle number one they were worshiping church. Look at verse. Forty-seven praising god in favor with all the people and the lord added to the church daily. Those that were being saved. You know something wonderful happens. When god's people come together for corporate worship it's just amazing. The bible says god inhabits the praises of people. Haven't you sent to lord's presence during worship. It's a wonderful time number two. They weren't evangelistic e our acronym of well worshiping and evangelistic there was a constant flow of new believers coming into the church. You show me a church does not have new believers coming in and i will show you a stagnating church. Why because new believers are the lifeblood of the church so if we are not evangelize ing soon be fossilising okay so now l. number one. They were learning church so there were worshiping the evangelizing and they were learning. They were learning. And you look at that early church. And they were. Into god's word. I forty to look at it. They continued steadfastly in the apostles doctor. Underlying those two words continued steadfastly. Those words mean they did it with the real passionate. A and there was an excitement. I think we need more anointed preaching today. Don't you think more anointed preachy. But i also think we need more anointed listening. You should listen to. The word of god is though your life depends on it because it ties. Do you realize that your life depends on it. Not only your afterlife. You wanna make sure you're right with god and you know you're going to heaven because you put your faith in christ but then just life in general life before you how to live as a follower of jesus christ. That's how the early church. Listen and that's how we ought to listen in our final point. They were a loving church. Birds forty two they continued steadfastly in fellowship. I love that word. Fellowship comes from the greek word coin india and it's translated many ways. It's actually kind of a hardware to translate. There's not a specific. English word that correlates with it so we translated fellowship. We translated communion. It talks about that something special. That happens when god's people get together you know in malachi three sixteen it says those that feared the lord talk with each other and the lord listen and hurt and that's a fascinating statement because that phrase listened and heard means to prick the year or to bend down so as not to miss a single word in other words. God says well. My people talk to me. I like to eat job. Well my people speak my name. I like to hear what they're saying. I'm really interested. You know i'm talking to you and we're having an interesting conversation. I gotta just tell you if one of my grandchildren come up to me and grab me on the leg and say papa your conversation with me. It's effectively over because it grandchild is calling that's relationship. I'm sorry see. They have their relationship guts. I listened when my children talk to me. I've been down. I pay attention and when we've fellowship in and by that i mean after the service and we're talking of the things of the lord of were sharing things that god has done in our life and versus at are meaningful and even joking and having fun all of it can be a wonderful thing that god will bless. That's why you should not rush out. A church see because they were a learning church and they were a loving church. And and i can hear it but this is in a classroom and we're not just here to absorb x amount of data and walkout. We're here to learn but then we're here to encourage one another. You might have just the right word for someone who needs to hear it after church today or they might have just the right word for you but when you find yourself out fellowship with god you'll find that you're out of fellowship with other believers as well so we'll see well i. I don't know you know the church so full of hypocrites. I'm so sick of that please. Hypocrites okay hypocrites in the church but as a often said it still who cares. There's always room for one more but you understand there are hypocrites and that's not good but sometimes people will say i feel judged when i go to church. People are judging me. Let me see respond to that. That will surprise you and even offend a few. Maybe you need to be judged jeffer- think about that who should be judged. You didn't say fast. We love to quote that bursts that we don't understand we use. That has soared to keep people away that means condemn lest you be condemned. I'm no position to condemn any person. Listen i'll tell you something. I am to judge and you are to judge. The bible says must begin at the house of god. If i see something in your life that i think is dragging you down spiritually. I love you enough to tell you the truth and if you see something in my life that's hurting me and you come and bring it to my attention. I recognize you do that because you care about me. That's not judging that's loving and that's evaluating and we have to be looking at each other and looking out for each other. That's called accountability. And this is why people church hop church hop you know what i mean by church hop. They all kinds of churches. Oh on sunday mornings. We go to this church and other sunday mornings to go to the church. And then mid week we go to this thing and then then send the united states sometimes go to that thing and they think that's so wonderful and i'm telling you that that's a bad thing for you spiritually and you might be surprised to know. The most pastors would agree with me on this. I would rather you be a part of another church. Actively involved attending serving giving and all the rest then come here and go there and go to another place. Then go to another place because really what you're saying is i don't want to be accountable to anyone anywhere. I don't want people to know me well enough to see how you doing. Haven't seen you in church. Well i was at for other churches. Don't judge me maybe you ought to be in one church and maybe you need a pasture and maybe you need a consistent theology and maybe you need a group of friends that you meet with on a regular basis and it's not a bad thing to visit a church. I'm just saying you need a home church. You need your own church. Any your own pastor and he needed a place

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