1899: [Part 2] 7 Essential Elements of A Yearly Planner by Michael Mehlberg on Goal Setting Practices & Techniques


I know you have big goals for the year. He may have even written those goals down. But the problem with goals isn't usually setting them is finding a way to achieve them that starts with breaking them down at the beginning of each year. Spent some time setting really big achievable goals for yourself goals. That will move the needle for you goals. That will help you achieve your vision. You can't stop. You're planning there if you want to actually achieve your goals you have to break them down so you can focus on one thing at a time in my book home early. I wrote about my three million dollars. Sales goal in two thousand eighteen was a number. That big is nearly impossible to envision. How get there. I knew that. I needed to hit that number. Lest i be fired. But how was. I supposed to land three million dollars in sales. The answer is one sale at a time. At the beginning of the year i set one point five million dollars to be my goal for the year after some quick math. I knew i needed to sell one hundred. Twenty five thousand dollars per month to achieve that target. But he didn't stop there. I also knew that. I needed five meetings on average to

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