James Harden Reportedly Would Ask Houston Rockets for Off Days, Fly to Vegas to Party


About the culture in Houston and hardens legendary commitment of partying and giving out gifts of a Prada bag stuffed with honey buns, and suddenly everybody was going in on James Harden. Everybody was taking a run at James Harden like I was wanting to talk about the fact that this guy can put up amazing numbers on the floor fly to Vegas do its thing. Get his freak on or do whatever he does in Vegas, then come right back and put up more incredible numbers on the floor the very next night, but not you. Dopes. Nope. All you dopes wanted to do was fat Shame one of the country's finest athletes. I had to wade through all sorts of tweets. Any emails about how he's actually wrapping Johnny Rockets? Not the Houston Rockets, and this idea that he's somehow is able to store steak. Within his own beard so we can snack on it between plays. You know how stupid and idiotic you sound when you say things like that. Do you even understand how that might work? How does he keep the stake in his beard? With the string with glue is the beef somehow. Pasted in there with Twizzlers so we can have a sweet dessert Also in the second half, and by the way, if you really was doing that, don't you think people would know? Wouldn't we notice? Don't you think somebody would have pointed out the fact that James Harden, one of the greatest scores in NBA history is just stacking and mowing? Revise? On the floor in between plays. I mean, if you were I think I would notice. So

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