Sweeping it All Away


Morning. You hope your old dame well can you hear thumbs so great. Excellent now so again. Yeah hope you're doing well. With the the covert and everythin- and anything else menu lives just a big. Thank you for those of you really help with fundraising that that really has been touching thank you. We really helps us get by through all these difficulties when it's very difficult to raise money so thank you very much and today i wanted to come another case and this is Case twenty eight of the blue cliff record. And one of the reasons i i picked. The self is a little bit like remind us the way that we did a few weeks ago but also this is why nonsense who was the feature in particular call on basically loses adama conversation with another teacher so it just shows you know. You don't win all the time. And it also highlights some of the some other aspects of the teach him so last week basically. We're just talking about that aspect. To wonder of wonders. I o beings the great earth of the wisdom virtue of the awaken one to us. Of course it's The traditional robot hat sued This this This week The seventh beer eight isn't the eighth being. Let's see tuesday. I guess that that way. So it's important to to reflect on the buddha's on the buddha's life and teachings so wonder if one does i o beings the great earth are the wisdom virtue of the awaken to thus snus and what we tend to deal with more importantly as because var upside down views. We've failed to see it. You know usually the grassi's green elsewhere. You know people things have a better time than than we do. That is always better. Better places to practice in the place that i stand so i mean you can fill in. You can really fill in the blank as to why it isn't like say the awaken life for the buddha's life if you wish. So we're we're more dealing with the socal relative aspect of our own lives the set right from the beginning. So can we swallow somebody else's words in many ways Better not to that a to see for ourselves in in whatever way but it's also important not to rely on our own stories quite often the stories we have about ourselves and our our own life not reflective of reality. This reality not that is fixed. This reality is occurring now wherever we no matter what would do and then the thing is can we really take that teach in the comes on a momentary basis or do we want another one. That may become in lighter so anyway i'll bring up the case and obviously it's tied in with what i'm saying right now not mind though. Buddha miss this got no preamble straight into the main case nonsense cooled on masta. Yakusho navan jaka. Joe asked have the sages. Since time immemorial had a teaching they did not tell anybody nonsense said yes yakhio said. What is the teaching. They did not tell anyone role waiting for the answer. Now and he nonsense said it is not mind it is not buddha. It is not a thing k. Jaka joe said you said it. Nonsense said that's all i know. What a what about you jaka joe said. I'm not a great Zen t cherry data. How would i know whether it has been told on out. So he's he's having a bit of fun here now. You got to see how he says that to him though to could be sarcastic could be could be praising any any way like that nonsense said. I don't understand yucky. Oh said. I've already told you too much so The zen master zim buddhis- nev- a helped people harrison. Why are we doing this. Zan masters in buddha's never help people see kaz past and present run as if racing

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