Federal executions scheduled under President Donald Trump more than any other president in 130 years

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Trump administration has executed ten people by lethal injection since july. The most federal executions in a single year since eighteen ninety six advocates have argued for months that such executions are covid nineteen super spreader events. They typically involve of people including the defendants family. The victim's family religious figures the execution team and the media traveling to the federal prison and tara hoedt witnessing the execution and heading home after witnessing orlando cordelia halls execution on november nineteenth his spiritual adviser yousef ahmed newer tested positive for covid. Nineteen in response to a lawsuit. The bureau of prisons b. o. P. recently acknowledged that eight members of halls. Roughly forty person execution team tested positive for covid nineteen shortly afterward b. o. p. also said at least two execution team members removed their masks while in the execution chamber with hall and newer according to the american civil liberties union. Aclu they were just bringing in hundreds of people from outside the prison. Higgs is attorney. Sean nolan tells time it's obvious that this outbreak was going to happen and now our client has tested positive and is sick. They should not continue with this in a statement today. earlier upon learning. that higgs was infected. Nolan said this is surely the result of the superspreader executions that the government has rushed to undertake in the heart of a global pandemic when asked for comment. The federal bureau of prisons confirmed to time that inmates on federal death row known as the special confinement unit s c. You have tested positive for covid. Nineteen but declined to provide further information citing pending litigation and privacy interests the b. o. P. also said an employee in the sec. You as tested positive but had no contact with the executions in november and december. The statement said inmates who tested positive for covid nineteen or who are symptomatic are being placed in isolation the prison and tara vote where all the federal executions take place has also experienced an ongoing covid nineteen outbreak and nolan alleges that the prisons covid nineteen numbers have spiked enormously in the weeks following the recent executions earlier this week. A judge dismissed a claim from higgs his legal team that argued executing higgs among the covid. Nineteen pandemic would be unconstitutional. Nolan tells time they plan to renew that claim since higgs himself has now tested positive. Johnson's attorneys have said he is not eligible for the death penalty because of an intellectual

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