37 year old Army Special Forces sergeant based in Florida, has been charged in the deaths of three people


Has been charged in the deaths of three people and the wounding of three more and then apparent random shooting and a Rockford, Illinois bowling alley last night. The deceased are 73 year old male. 65 year old male and a 69 year old man. The identities of those victims will be provided by the coroner's office. One appropriate. Rockford Police chief Dan O'Shea, courtesy of WFLD two teens were wounded in a 62 year old man is in critical condition more cases of a new street of covert 19 or being found overseas. And now there's concern it might already be in the U. S. Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services Admiral Bret Jerar says No one is certain if the variant has reached America, he added on Fox News Sunday that if it has

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