4% say they dodge a major cleaning task by moving, study

Ace and TJ


Get a new house but then you ultimately end up having to clean it anyway. I would think because you got to get the stuff out of there to move. But as they reminded me. You remember when you and i were Baby dj's trying to make it in this Crazy biz we call radio and we were roommates living that Apartment in the sketchy part of town and In i rarely did laundry. And i'll just have piled up shoveled in my closet right. There were times when i When i was going somewhere and i needed a good shirt wear some say. I say i have me a date would say it loud now i would just go over to To the mall across the street and buy a shirt instead of you know planning ahead of time and actually doing some launch. There were times not all the time. There were a few times that i would have to go into his bedroom with empty. Davis said come home and get these kinds of doors. Close if you would and he would. I would hold the door. He would push the clothes back. Anyone say okay one two three and then he would put his hand. I would slam the door shut. The close would fall back. positive closed. Room looks clean nice. But it wasn't that. I didn't have clothes. I had a lot of close enough close. They wouldn't be out of the closet but we didn't have our own private washer and dryer in the apartment. He had to go down the walkway. They're inside the apartment complex to a public Washer and dryer. And you had to sit there with them the entire time because somebody would steal them. If you didn't ace has gene stolen one night. He was doing laundry and all of his jeans got stolen. Yeah so i would. Just wait until i had some time to drive back to my parents house and do my lawn. My mom didn't do. I wasn't that i wasn't taking it back and going here. Mama brought him a laundry. My mom hadn't done my laundry since i was thirteen. Because she was messing up my good stuff. They took a velour shirt. It was kicking at the time. He was hitting in wrung it out. I said you can't put that in the drier. okay and then just wrung it out like a rag. All out i remember. If it's forty dollars. Admit i have bought them a lure shirt my own money my best velour shirt address. The band out around the bottom of into was just hanging. Mom's not doing my my laundry anymore. Tang nano but maybe she did that just because she didn't want to do it anyway. I would go. i would go. I say all the way homes an hour but most of the time. I was working on the weekends. You know we're trying to we're trying to get a foothold in this crazy. Be as we call radio. So i've been working every day so i didn't have time to go home do laundry and i remember when jodi and i i got to that point where we were. All exclusive in in really Digging each other and she said okay. I'm coming over to your apartment with laundry baskets and we're gonna load up all of that laundry and bring it over here to my parents house and you can do it over here. So that's when. I finally a according to this with these people did ace and i would have just gone and gotten another apartment. Yeah that's crazy And it wasn't that. I didn't know how to do it. I just didn't wanna sit there. I didn't have the time to sit there in the laundry room of the apartment complex with those people those apartment people i when i say it was a good place. It was not a good place case in point. I had three pair of jeans to them. Were stolen the only ones that weren't the one dollars wearing and who's stealing my jeans. I was six four two hundred pounds. Who's who nobody's wearing my jeans there. Yeah and not to mention the The shootout between police and the guy selling crack out of the apartment next door. That saturday night. Yes we have plenty of room. Yeah it was an old lady tweet us. So you see. Regan's we came from nethon. Yeah our careers. Didn't start a big time. Syndicated radio show like yours did right. We had to build it. Yeah a lot of elbow. Grease and bullet dodging yep. That's what we did and velour in balu yet or bluer. Yes i want that shirt. Now i bet if you brought out the velours or be the drip drip drowned and had a hearing Gold chain nugget hanging from it. Oh i'll get mama messing

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