A highlight from Ross & Joe's Post SB thoughts + 2021 Best Ball season


Nfl the fantasy points logo is straight fire. It is we that was one we had the idea early on and it was one of those things where we hired like a bunch of different designers and we different guys trying to do things and it's so happens like one of the first designs we came up with. I was never to to get my mind off of it which turned out to be this one. Which is like it's the little like dfs. S a point where you're playing defense and it shows you where you rank on the sliding scale of the cashing and has a little fire of flame at the top. So i don't know it's just a i think it's the site i think it fits. It fits the The aesthetic of the site and also it's eye catching like. Hey what's that logo. So i think Yeah that that was one of our early successes a fantasy points awesome. Hey here's the deal fantasy points by the way. Make sure when you go over there to get your content and use the code. Feast when you sign up. Because next year started two days ago. Monday the day after the super bowl. Check him out by the way on social at f g underscore dolan. I'm at ross tucker. Nfl twitter instagram. facebook. We've got the awesome youtube page regan. Checkout joe's set your home office that you're adding that joe this is this is what they call down south as the bonus room. That's what they call it. it's above the garage and i needed a bonus room. I work from home. I'm needed one So i'm starting to get the obviously my wife and i we She was in school so we had never owned before. This is the first house we've ever bought so we're still in the process of furnishing the whole house. And i kind of like. I am the second hand couch over here. We bought a new couch. I finally awesome shells back there. That i don't have books on you. Can if you see me being back there you see. I have this shelf unit that i literally just got up here this week and this weekend i'm going to start putting some of my memorabilia and stuff on there but i'm gonna get another. Tv up year. Mortiz i've multiple. Tv's over here. You can't see But yeah it's It's my home office. It's it's it's where. I spend my days. Where i do my podcasts And it's great. It's a great it's nice. It's nice to finally have that. You've got to check it out at youtube dot com slash. Ross tucker. Nfl you can check out all the shows by the way at. Ross todd and this is very important especially for you dynasty folks out there we take questions we take questions. Email us questions. Ross at ross tucker dot com. But i did think joe looking at it that it did look to me like it was above a garage. I could kinda tell by the structure and the fan either. Looks like an addict or a bonus room above a garage joe superbowl that. That was the only scenario. I did not account for. Yeah ross Let's just let's cut to the chase here. It was an ass kicking a complete. I mean it was worse. And i'm glad like it. Was that bad because the last thing i wanted to be doing this week after the nfl season we got talk about arrests. That's the last thing i wanted to be doing. And i know there are some ticky tack calls. I get it ross. I don't know if one of those calls goes the other way if it changes the game but tampa bay was the better team from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. I mean it. Let's just call it like it is and we discussed it on the podcasts and it wasn't unique analysis. You and i discussing it. Was you know. I could see tampa. Bay's pass rush. Todd bowles affecting this game exactly what happened. I don't think any of us expected to happen in that way. Obviously i know. Patrick mahomes played better than the number show You wonder if the injury affected him obviously is gonna have surgery. Might be a little iffy for training camp. A common up here but we'll we'll we'll follow that story throughout the off season. He's still made some amazing plays but they also made some mistakes in. That's what that pass rush does and you know that. Pass rush man. You just show goes to show if you can't have a quarterback in the nfl man. Maybe that asks rush is the next best thing to have and fortunately for the tampa bay buccaneers and this is why they're currently doing the boat parade in tampa I don't know if you saw that.

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