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Everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name. is todd. cochran chris. I'm joined by my co host. Mr rob greenlee rob good afternoon. How are you doing good doing fine hanging in their charging making plans. I'm i'm gonna redo my whole office studio here in the next week. So so how really. So what what's the plan. Well i ordered a protester Right so i'm gonna try and get that plugged into my process here. Which means i have to retire my old analogue mixer and my my audio interface plus. I'm getting another monitor plus trying to get polls that amount to my desk that i can actually mount on swing arms so i can get more things off of my desk so and then add this procast here in crater credit. Better get my studio lights mounted to my polls there amounted to the desk and so hopefully i can organize things a little bit better because really now at scou- they're scattered all over the place. A man throw man. Frodo is your is your friend roads. No it's amazon is my friend. Well yeah but man frodo they they. They do the best arms. That's what i support all my cameras with here they've got the best desktop clamps when you put these desktop clamps on You better hope you're deaths is strong enough to support the cinching power of the while. Yeah they do not move it's It's pretty impressive. To be honest with you and actually trying to think. I use man frodo. We're all still use them here in the studio There's a couple places i use them for. I use them. No not there can't remember but yeah the man frodo clamps and man frodo arms and gyrating and yeah so you'll be you look just like me now. Well there you go. Yeah so hopefully. Just organize things so. It's a little precarious right now. The way it set on teeter daughters right things on my desk wires everywhere so wire organiz early. It's going to be under the desk. That will work for three minutes right right. Well at least it can be better than it is right now. So it's yeah. When i built the studio everything was beautiful. I had all the little literally their bundles. Right had power separated audio separator network. Everything was bundled ronald dog. Good i got it all spot tied. It looked impressive until i'm like I need. I need to run another one or add. Or why didn't you think this or you forgot that and then five layers later. You're like okay some year. I'll get to re zip tying them and a label. There's nothing labeled it's just like it's plugged in if it ever gets unplugged. That's when a label it because and there's no one in your unplug anything so what i unplug it a bit. that's video in for this video off for that and It if people come to you have to make a road trip over and see the studio rob because the you know you get to see this one most the time. But i've got the other two rooms you know i don't use that much. So and they're wired up and ready to go. Yeah so there's there's more stuff i mean. I've got this teleprompter that i have to figure out the positioning of it. So it works. Good with the new monitor that i have some. I have three flat screens so one two three laptop to to here and then one went up above so so anyway. That's the the plan and then my studio lights will sit on the top part of the of the arm find so right and so that's the idea anyway. We'll see how it works out. It's it's probably not gonna work out perfect when it will be as another chip damas on to order more staff as when it be. Yeah yeah sounds because it's not the these arms are not really a hundred percent designed for what i'm trying to do so i'm going to be in hacking him a little bit so sell you using arms to support your lights. Yeah but they're they're small lights now than away very much. You know how. I hung my lights. Yeah right y- you that you don't want holes in the roof and us pretty lucky because my my ceiling is suspended so all i really had to do was well. I you know for those. That didn't see it. Basically bought I think it's one inch water. Main maybe three quarters and they have standing cute stanchion cubes album so you can actually build handrails with them. Well i just took three foot lengths of pipe and put those stanchion ends on each. And then i bolted one side to the roof or to a to a beam and then the other side goes into some thirty nine ninety five c channel from home depot. Yeah it's all bolted up. I save myself five. Gran got three hundred bucks and stuff. So well you've got a lot if you got three sued studios right right and there's only four nine fourteen. Led lights to so and then to on the side here that sit on little stanchions but it has to do it right. Add two more here to to get this piece. You know it is coming up from below for those of you listening. It's the shells this while. Some people like the shadows in if you watch some of the online videos They'll have like a big diffuser light on rice. Right right right and it creates you know like a depth shadow of and they'll have like colored lights on the wall behind them i can. I've been playing around with that kind of stuff too but rob. This is a podcast. Everyone's most people are listening so they don't that most of them don't care about video piece but well and what really dominated this. And i'm not. I'm not really investing that much in the video side of it. It's mainly the the the tri caster in what really prompted it. Was this charge. The hill going on right now with people doing live podcast so wrong places like clubhouse k. Yeah it seems like that's really rampant up right now that there's just a lot more Sessions that i see in there that are that are saying that they're going to be recording or they're going to be live or they're going to be in awe streaming on other platforms. Which is it's like a land. It's it's a little bit like a rush to do this right now. I'm seeing many New sessions in clubhouse that are they're saying that they're going to record or they're going to live stream in record or whatever that combination is. Jackson was pretty early to it. But you know that. That's what i'm going to try and do with this show probably a week. Well don't worry it's you know. Clubhouse has got competition coming. I don't doubt that at all because you said that announcement but mark cuban and actually his kind of ironic. They called that platform fire sites. I'm sure that the certain bitch probably not real happy about that. But good way to get publicity. So it's interesting though that they've been working on this for a while and they said it to be similarly clubhouse but has the ability of record conversations so okay there's lots you know. Editors

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