A highlight from After 100 Episodes...5 More Crumbs of Success w/Bryan S Arnold


So happy to share what i've learned after one hundred episodes spin a lot so you know. Let's get right into it so i have five five this that seven as after the episode had seven. Which are wants you to go back and check that out because those were amazing as well here are the five more crumbs of success. What i've learned at the one episodes starting with number one. The one glaring thing. I realized with the one question i asked. My guess is about the daily routine. I think it might be a myth. It really might a myth. When i raised this question for so many of them only a few have really dedicated routine. And i think for most varies. They might have schedules with our different every day. So they things change up but only really a few had a dedicated routine mostly talking about the typical morning routine And i believe a lot of actually with love to have like that but it just is just not there yet. So i'm saying that. The daily routine at this given time

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