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A welcome everybody signed once again for another episode of church hurts and the good the bad and the ugly about church religion and spirituality today with a dash recovery thrown in along the way. So if you've ever had questions about your church maybe become a bit jaded in your attitudes towards religion overall. The you've come to the right place. Because today our show is entitled sinful sates revealed ruben. Once again that shirts on shy away from controversy are host. he's a former pastor and teacher planet futures. Along the way and now out themselves just an aging curmudgeon who never quits asking the one question. Maybe the only question on everybody's mind these days why why not bring him in. Dr john bash. thank you ball sinful saints revealed. How's that for the title of our show today. It sounds like a bad headline from a trashy newspaper found in the checkout line. At a second rate grocery store sinful saints revealed really the you know that the word saint means many different things depending on who you're talking to roman catholic and orthodox traditions have a formal understanding of saints which includes canonizations established. I the tenth century may surprise. Many that simlisafe's a requirement for sainthood in any tradition. And i bet the saints are glad for that one. With the advent of the protestant reformation in the sixteenth century. Whole notion of saints was turned on its head. Anyone who is truly christian is considered a saint if this sounds confusing it really doesn't have to be in his first letter. The apostle peter tells us you yourselves like living stones are being build up as a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood. Sing praises owed to the lord. Oh you saints and give thanks to his holy name psalm. Thirty four to avoid digressing down these ages old theological side roads. We can all admit that no matter what words are used to describe christians or christian leaders or clergy or other public figures in christendom. We can all have a tendency to fall into hero worship or vilnai's them both lacked. The honesty characterized in biblical revelation. Where saints are centers and both sides are glaringly revealed today. We'll look at a couple of people who might be considered in the informal. Subjective lineup of protestant fathers. It's easy to make them bigger than life. Forget their frailties and feel insignificant by comparison but their stories are excellent and worthy of knowing the motivate us to be encouraged by the saints and reminded that they need a savior to her storyteller. Today is one of my favorites from the other side of the pond. Welcome back to. Church hurts and englishman londoner pastor scholar and tour guide from heaven ban virgo. A jack fantastic to be with you again. But then i I know that many americans are very obsessed with your english royalty that We rebelled against a few hundred years ago but You know a lot of people don't know that there was a time in england that they didn't have a king can at least start there. Tell us about that. Yeah i mean. The most recent time we didn't have a king was an extraordinary season of about five years when we were ruled by someone who was closer to the idea of what a king should be than any of our recent kings for five years in the sixteen fifty s we will ruled by a protector is a man who was a military leader. The had begun as a farmer potentially had some time in the law. We're not absolutely certain of that because the records don't justify it there on that when we won. When was this again. Give let me get this in my mind. Sixteen fifty three to sixteen fifty eight. Okay so one hundred year wait. You said sixteen. That's over a hundred years before we became a nation. Yeah that's right. Yeah okay okay. you'll have. It's very interesting for our listeners. From the united states that consider this because imagine that the people who went to the us will have known there was a time when this kind of revolutionary thing happened. It was not such a crazy thing to imagine. That could be a new style of leadership in new style of government. This fellow you see e it'd be a farmer he had become.

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